UnShop Till You Drop

Kelsey KelseyI’m a big fan of living simply, and many of my fellow Austinites are all about it too.  Every day we throw away about 3,500 tons of trash which should be a lot lower if we hope to reach the zero-waste goal in 2040.   Being a fashion-minded gal, it can be difficult not to abstain from purchasing yet another pair of black boots, because they really do go with everything!
Enter Yerdle, and cue the cartoon hearts popping out of my eyes. Yerdle is a virtual, free, flea market app where users can post their well-loved fashions.  You can sell it for Yerdle dollars, and then use Yerdle money to purchase other people’s treasures.  Think Craigslist minus the awkward meetings in a Target parking lot.
Yerdle’s mission is to inspire decluttering in our lives. And in the spirit of a less wasteful world, Yerdle recently initiated its Unshopping Challenge asking you to get rid of their junk and to buy nothing new (with the exceptions of gas, food, etc.) for thirty days. Challenge accepted,!!
Swap shops are no new concept to Millennials, so what makes Yerdle the best over similar apps like Vinted.   “Everyone has things that they’re not using.  You post those on Yerdle and they are quickly converted into currency that you can spend on new outfits.  At the same time you’re reducing waste and doing your part for the planet”,  said Adam Webach, Co-founder and President Adam Werbach of Yerdle.
It can be a little challenging when first swiping through other Yerdlers’ stuff, but don’t let the occasional blurry photo rain on your thrifting parade. Once you get the feel of everything (hint: keyword notifications), you’ll discover some real gems like a vintage Vogue, antique cuff links, statement jewelry, and a book about dog fashion (because why not).
Pro Yerdler Pamela M. “highly recommend[s] Yerdle” along with many others who have had an extra special experience. Austin native Megan P. was “pleasantly surprised” when she received her thrift treasures. In fact, the entire Yerdleverse is saturated in positive “getter” feedback ranging from bonus items to pretty packaging to just good business.
And one happy Yerdler was me!  My beautiful nude Nina pumps I got for only 15 Yerdollars were a score! I think I’ll go unshopping more often.

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