Texas Style Council 2013 Kicks Off with Happy Hour and Clothing Swap

Just as students are already picking out new backpacks and fresh spirals, fashionistas are heading Back to Class with the Texas Style Council’s fourth annual media conference.  The three-day event, which kicked off with a happy hour on Friday, August 2nd, exists to help bloggers, business owners, designers and more share their stylish brands and to learn new tricks of the internet and fashion trade.
“Every year, I say ‘That was awesome, but we don’t need to do it again…unless I can think of a way to market it differently,’” said Indiana Adams, founder and creative director of the council and owner of the popular style blog Adored Austin. “This year, we’re using a classroom feel instead of the usual panels.”
Class commenced with cocktails and mingling downtown at The Bonneville, where guests like Jessie McDowell were able to get to know fellow fashion writers.

Jessie McDowell

“I’m from Knoxville, Tennessee, but I’m with Altar’d State, who has a store here in the Domain. I got to come down so I can really embrace and learn more about the blogger community…and to have a good time!”
Following the social time was a clothing swap presented by Lulu*s. This portion of the event allowed attendees to trade in two of their own outfits for two of someone else’s!
Sarah Tucker, who moved from ATX to Dallas after getting married, added a cute new dress and fun new top to her closet, marking some of her first new clothes of the year.
“I’ve always loved fashion, so my blog – Tuckered Up – covers DIY, being a newlywed and my New Year’s Resolution is to not buy any clothes or accessories. My husband bought me tennis shoes for my Masters graduation, and my mom has gotten me a few dresses, but this is it!”
Kristen Jansen & Sarah Tucker

Tucker stated that the experience has opened her eyes to the fact that there is more to life than just fashion, as she is rediscovering her own closet.
And hopefully the entire weekend will help clothing-lovers rediscover their writing in blog classes Saturday morning, their budgeting that afternoon in workshops and their work/life balance with speakers on Sunday(just to name a few).
There will also be a prom party Saturday night at the Hyatt Regency Downtown, and the conference will wrap-up Sunday evening.

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