Texas Handbag Designer Makes Stop in Austin

Meet Kelly Wynne White. She’s the incredibly talented designer of Kelly Wynne handbags and an Ole Miss graduate. Her adorable bags are already a huge hit across the nation. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Kyle Richards has been spotted with the Kelly Wynne “Cloud 9 Clutch” at her store Kyle by Alene Too! You can also find her handbags at Valentine’s Too in Austin, Haven and La Marque in Dallas, and French Cuff Boutique in Houston. Her website: Kellywynne.com will launch the week of May 6. To pre-order you can contact: shop@kellywynne.com.
DSCN2740 I recently attended an event for Kelly and I had the opportunity to ask her a few questions about her exciting new line.
First, what inspired you to create your own line of handbags?
You know those dreams people have growing up that seem really unobtainable, and are most likely just a dream? This was mine. I love all accessories because it’s the best way to jazz up an outfit! After working in PR for 3 years, I couldn’t let go of the idea of designing a collection. I began researching, sketching, and meeting with various professionals in the fashion industry. One thing led to another, and my dream of designing handbags became reality. I finally decided to go for it!
How long have you been working on creating your handbag line?
I’ve been working on my handbag line for a little over a year. I began researching and sketching last February.
Can you tell me the name of each style bag and how you came up with them?
Because this is such an exciting time, I wanted to name the bags after celebratory phrases.
Mingle Mingle Mini
Cloud 9 Clutch
Cheers To Me Crossbody
Pop the Champagne Shoulder
Paint the Town Tote
Here’s To You Hobo
What materials did you use and how did you come up with the printed suede?
I wanted to start a fresh and contemporary handbag line with a mid-range price point inspired by the stingray look. I love stingray, but it can be very pricey. I started developing unique printed leathers that mimic exotics in a luxe and eye-catching way. There are two printed styles in my first collection, the Lizard which is comprised of repeating dots and the Serpentine which is a splattered look, both on printed suede.
What is the price range and where were all the bags made?
This price range is $295 to $495. Kelly Wynne handbags are handcrafted by artisans in New York City! It has been the most amazing experience working with suppliers in the US. I love knowing exactly who I am dealing with on a day to day basis. I can’t imagine trying to accomplish my goals overseas. My favorite part about this whole process has been meeting so many different people. Of course, I face daily challenges and am always problem solving, but I am satisfied with my ultimate decision to have the bags produced in the US. I definitely have a great team working to make these bags beautiful for all the fabulous women in Austin that want to carry a Kelly Wynne.
I absolutely love your logo! Would you mind explaining how you came up with your Kelly Wynne logo that is on every bag?
Thank you! My logo is a “W” and “K” turned sideways sitting on top. I was a graphic designer before this venture, which has definitely been helpful creating the logo and any marketing materials we have needed. I wanted a subtle logo which I feel like I accomplished because I have many people asking me what the logo means. We have more ideas in the works for expanding this logo in future collections, and I can’t wait to show you our next developments!
My whole motto is “Dare to be fabulous”. I want women to be confident and feel fabulous when carrying a Kelly Wynne!
What can we expect from Kelly Wynne in the future?
I’m very excited for our fall collection which is already in the works! We will be expanding the printed suede line with new colors perfect for fall. We are always working to improve the Kelly Wynne brand, and we want our customers to be very happy! We are also working on a separate line that will include embossed leathers …but nothing you’ve ever seen before, that’s for sure! We strive to bring new and fresh designs to the market, so our customers will feel fabulous while carrying a Kelly Wynne bag!
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