Take a Boutique Peek into RedBird Boutique

RediBrd Boutique
RedBird Boutique

One of the things that make the Austin fashion scene so special are the chic retailers. There are so many options for buying outfits from high-end designer looks, vintage finds and more.  No matter what your fashion taste is you’ll  find a boutique to put on your must-return-to list.
Located in Westlake, RedBird Boutique is an on-trend store started by Maureen Staloch in 2013.  The vision for the boutique started more than fifteen years ago. When Staloch decided to open her own store her friends and family were quick to share their opinions about the venture.  “Everyone tried to talk me out of it, but it just wouldn’t go away,”  said Staloch.
Redbird Boutique
RedBird Boutique Owner ~ Maureen Staloch

Prior to the boutique opening, Staloch ran a wholesale jewelry and t-shirt business named Moli with Lisa Parrish.   The company serviced hundreds of boutiques across the country and it provided Staloch with valuable experience in sourcing items for her own boutique. ” It has made me a very discerning buyer especially with jewelry, I am a jewelry maker and I’m really picky when it comes to jewelry”, Staloch added.
Staloch’s next big decision was to name the store. “I was sitting in my courtyard struggling with figuring out a name and a little red cardinal came and sat in my courtyard,” said Staloch.  She knew it was a sign from someone special.  “When my dad died we started seeing cardinals at poignant times,”  she said.  Thus the name of the store, RedBird Boutique, was born.

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Since RedBird Boutique has been open, the inventory has always changed, but Staloch has stayed true to her mission statement.  “It’s a place to explore yourself in fashion and a place that makes you feel comfortable,” she said.  Each season she is sourcing the next trend, and recently, due to customer demand, the store has added an adorable selection of shoes.
Redbird Boutique
RedBbird Boutique

“As Austin has become more mature and we have greater opportunities with restaurants and hotels,  I think the same things are happening with woman’s fashion in Austin,”  said Staloch.  “I think it is all becoming a little bit more elevated and exciting and I think we are all willing to branch out a little bit more so our customers are willing to branch out as well.”
Customer service is at the forefront of RedBird Boutique’s shopping experience.  The devoted staff is always close at hand to ensure each customer finds just the right ensemble.  “I want them to come to RedBird and find things that are on trend and in style but not necessarily seen at every place in Austin,” said Staloch.  “I love it when people come in and say ‘you are my go-to place for this’ or ‘you are my go to for that.’  It’s validating to hear that from customers”.
In Staloch’s spare time she is a fitness fanatic.  Cycling and boot camp workouts are her favorites styles.  Her two boys, ages 15 and 12, are involved with numerous weekend sporting events that keep her on her toes when she’s not busy with RedBird.

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