Swatch Store Opens in Downtown Austin

As Austin grows, more national brands are making Austin their city of choice to open up fashionable stores and launch established brands.  The 2nd Street District is now home to the popular Swatch brand and there were several reasons why the company decided to make Austin their latest launch city.
“It’s very unique, it’s the heart of music, community and the culture.  It captures what Swatch is really involved with”, said Public Relations Manager Michael Zucconi.  “This community really aligns with what Swatch is all about” Michael added.
DSC_0133The bright and vibrant store offers a fashion-minded client an array of watch options in loads of colors and finishes.  You can even get a Swatch watch for your fashionable kids as well.  The company has partnered with musicians and artists for special limited artist Swatches too.
The Swatch company started in 1983 with a limited selection and the watches were made of rubber back then.  I remember getting one as a gift back in 1983 and I’m glad that the watches are now made of silicone.  Much more comfortable!
Welcome to Austin Swatch store  and look forward to seeing some very fashionable wrists in town.
You can visit the new store at 408 W. 2nd Street.
See more pictures from the fun opening party.

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