Sloane Lenz Shows Post Apocalyptic Themed Runway Show

fashion show
fashion show
Sloane Lenz Design

Written by:  Kelsie Davis

Austin designer Sloane Lenz of the This is Sloan brand, debuted her ninth collection titled,  A Post Apocalyptic Christmas, on a beautiful Sunday evening at Prospect House in Dripping Springs, Texas.

Attendees took advantage of her themed show and came dressed in their best end-0f-the-world attire made of garbage bags, skimpy all-black torn dresses and ripped pants.

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Lenz’s’ show included her signature large and loosely fitted t-shirts, sweatshirts and quirky mixed-prints.  Models also featured hats that said This Isn’t Sloane on the brims to share her take on alternate reality.  It was also her way to play fun with mainstream designers so she wanted to counterfeit herself and play around with “brand-name” styles.

The collection also featured vintage fabrics and her signature unconventional materials accented with her caricature style.  She wanted to “over-emphasize” the looks and accessories to add an additional punch.

fashion show
Model Maci Curren — Sloane Lenz Design

Lenz shared that one of her favorite pieces was her finale look worn by Austin’s newest model Maci Curren.  While a tall model is somewhat normal for any runway show, this Austin teen stands 6 foot 9 inches tall and has 53-inch legs, a record holder, beating another Russian woman by about in inch.

Learn more about Maci’s story here (the video has more than 10 million views)

Lenz wanted to feature Maci’s proportions, creating an even more exaggerated garment for the statuesque beauty.

“I always have sleeves that are way too long, or pants dragging the ground. I wanted to play with her amazing length, elongate the arms and elongate the train,” Lenz said.

fashion designer
Designer Sloane Lenz

Lenz didn’t officially comment if this was her last fashion show.  “If it happens, it’s going to be a big one,” Lenz said.


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