reFIND Connects Intentional Shoppers to Sustainable Fashion Brands

reFIND founder Loriza Ibarra

Loriza Ibarra is the founder and creative director of reFIND, an Austin, TX headquartered virtual marketplace where sustainable brands can build intentional relationships with shoppers, share their missions and foster communities to grow their businesses. Even though the company is in its infancy, Ibarra has always been eco-conscious. 

“Living in a Mexican household, I grew up doing very resourceful … like reusing plastic containers, recycling every single grocery bag, wearing my sisters’ hand-me-downs and hand-washing clothing with my grandma. Looking back, I now appreciate the value it taught me to be resourceful, sustainable and to look at items in a new light to give them longevity.” 

Ibarra worked in retail for more than seven years as a personal stylist and an assistant manager, which is when she really started to see the many flaws of the fashion industry. Therefore, reFIND was born. 

The innovative brand is currently in the process of building and launching an app, which will be a simple tool that helps users identify fashion value pillars. “We believe it is so important to shop and purchase from brands that are making a difference and leaving a positive impact in the world,” Ibarra said. “This tool will allow shoppers to discover new brands that are trendy and align with their personal values, so you can support and purchase from brands that you love and look good doing it!”

reFIND’s goal is to create a community to educate, bring awareness and make sustainable living attainable for everyone. Even if someone is just learning about sustainable fashion, Ibarra says they will be able to discover designers from all over. “There’s so much talent out there that [isn’t] getting the hype and recognition they deserve, and reFIND is here to change that and put shoppers on to these new emerging brands.”

The brand was founded in February 2020 and the app is expected to launch in Spring 2021. Like many, Ibarra’s business was affected by COVID-19, but she considers the pandemic a blessing in disguise. “Because of the pandemic, we realized how important it is to be more intentional about where we spend, so I really believe reFIND’s mission to connect intentional shoppers to sustainable and value-driven brands is just in time for the shift in consumer behavior.”

Photos:  Provided by reFIND.

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