Red Carpet Looks From the Runway

It’s one of the biggest day in fashion and for the film industry…the Oscars® will be given out for top marks in the motion picture industry but  while it’s all about the talented performances, the red carpet will be blazin’ with some fashion hits and certainly some misses.  I couldn’t tell you about any of the movies that have been nominated (this year I actually saw Zero Dark Thirty) but most years I am clueless, but my talent is to rattle off who wore Armani or Herrera at the snap of a finger with total detail on hair and shoes.
Talk about the pressure for anyone who has to walk the red carpet and be critiqued in front of millions to watch.  It is about fashion history as well and dresses worn by best actresses and starlets will be remembered forever.  Do you remember Julia Roberts in her vintage black and white Valentino when she won best actress for Erin Brockovich?  Or Halle Berry in that amazing tight Elie Saab or when Jodi Foster won she was the first actress who won and wore pants.
Let’s all enjoy the highs and the lows of the Red Carpet fashion from the the Academy Awards.  I’ll have a glass of wine in my comfy fuzzy slippers watching and being an armchair fashion reporter.  So fashionable!
Be sure to click here and take a look at gallery of long gowns from Spring and Fall 2013.

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