Project Runway From Coast to Coast

Friday was truly a fashion Friday with the big announcement from Lifetime network that  our very own Daniel Esquivel was a new Project Runway All-Star.  It also just so happened to be the day for the much anticipated WERK fashion show happening while we are in New York.  Talk about an exciting coast to coast Project Runway kind of day.  Past contestants for WERK included, Melissa Fleis, Mychael Knight and Jeffrey Sebilia who showed fun, colorful and edgy pieces at the W Hotel to a packed crowd.    Thanks to Gregg Cestaro for covering the show while we are away.  See the amazing photos!
Back to the Tents at Lincoln Center in NYC…I’ll try not to ruin anything for you, since the TV series still has a few episodes left, but Kerry Washington did guest judge, and seeing her next to Heidi, Zac and Nina…I loved it as much as the eight collections presented for the crowd at the finale taping.
·        Nighttime and nature were translated into midnight blue gowns and messy-chic hairstyles during Alexander’s collection. His final look was beyond amazing, with hair extending down the model’s body like lightening – and an ultimate twist!
·        Kate’s clothing was like her: soft, with shimmery details. All her pieces were quite classic, including a stunning LBD.
·        Jeremy used a lot of neutrals – including navy – combined with lace detailing and a beautiful closing look (modeled by Brianna Holmes, who we got a picture with our first day here!).
·        Helen designed for is as cool as she is. Since she won last week with that judge-pleasing black dress-and-cape number, she stuck to that silhouette, but played with colors beautifully.
·        Alex’s tough vests and headpieces were also phenomenal. More neutral colors were brightened up with metallics and the overall punk vibe she used in styling.
·        Braden was inspired by the first signs of spring (which is fitting with NYFW’s motto “Spring is Here!”), and I liked that, say, a pant would have some of that same tye-dye/floral/tribal print we’ve been seeing, but then be a metallic print on the back. His last looks –  great flowing dresses – were also crowd-pleasers.
·        Futuristic models with funky chopped hairstyles were sent down the runway in bright whites and space age jewelry by Justin. This edgy collection was just great.
·        More futuristic tribal prints was seen by Dom, who incorporated metal in a crazy-cool way. And again…Lots of neutrals, people!
Alyssa Milano (who was wearing Marissa Webb from head-to-toe) was the only celeb we saw at the show, but she was very down-to-earth, stating that she loved Alexander’s looks.
I also got to interview some past contestants, as this season’s Sue Waller also loved Alexander’s – “It was so dramatic!” – and Season 10’s Chris Palu (one of my faves!) loved all the diversity but favored Justin’s; “It was cohesive, poetic, romantic, and just so edgy. I really liked it!”
Tu Suthiwat Nakchat from last season enjoyed the simple chicness of Helen’s clothing, and we talked about the computer-generated print mentioned above and seen in several shows.
“There are just a lot of patterns, much more than usual,” he said. “But I like that they are very wearable, that you could just grab them off the runway.”
So, your takeaway from the PR show is to play with prints…and to tune in to the finale soon, to know that we were right behind the camera shooting the show!
Click Here to See the Collections from all of the Designers!
As we moved onto the other tents for more shows, you also should be well aware know that classic blacks and whites are apparently never going to go out of style. Carmen Marco Valvo presented them in an edgy way, as his models all had the same blunt, dual-color bob, while wearing outfits detailing cut-outs (hint:  a huge big Spring trend) and laser-work. Vanessa Williams even graced us with her presence at this show!
Black cut out
The guys at Nautica rocked Bermuda shorts and sporty jackets, tye-dye-ish swimming trunks (and amazing abs;) or cropped trousers. I am really into a short pant for a male, when found on THAT guy, and we have plenty of men in Austin who do dress this daringly, so go for it, dudes!
We also saw sweaters here, an apparent big thing for men this spring, whether thrown over a nice short with some shades or tied around your waist (I’m glad this is back in a fashionable way!). Also, The Carrie Diaries Austin Butler was reportedly here, along with some football player, but sorry – no pics.
Rebecca Minkoff’s show was the epitome of spring fashion; Janelle Monáe kicked off the runway with a bang (All shows should have live music throughout!), as flowy florals, light white and KILLER accessories moved down the runway. Her line must’ve been good, since it drew in Kelly Osbourne.
We ended the fashion part of the day with Nicole Miller’s super fun and sparkly collection! The girls all looked fresh in – go figure – neutrals and florals, but these items were all jeweled impeccably. The final walk was accompanied by Girls Just Wana Have Fun, and the Nicole Miller girl definitely looks like she wants to.
We know it’s only day two, and we know all our fab celeb and street style pics make it look like butterflies and rainbows up here – but we needed a break! Therefore, Cheryl took Sparky and I out for a scrumptious Italian dinner, complete with cannolis and crème brulee.
Since Sparky was a Fashion Week newbie, we took him to Times Square, where Cheryl HAD to go to the M&M store (Did you see our viral Spring Color Trend Report, unofficially sponsored by M&M – our REAL official color sponsor is Blue Glue.
We continue to meet and network with fashion folks from all over the world.   More reports and fun to come.

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