Welcome Bonobos Guideshop to Austin!

When it comes to describing men’s shopping habits they typically fall into two categories, they either enjoy it or they would rather chew glass.  I know this first hand since I worked for Men’s Wearhouse many years ago and I’ve heard it all!   The growing age of technology and the boom in internet shopping has made it  much easier for men to click away and purchase items from behind the comfort of their computer screen probably dressed in sweats and favorite football jersey.  “They don’t love the experience of shopping, it’s not a recreational activity for them.  When they are shopping they are hunting for something that they need.” said Katilyn Alexrod, Sr. Public Relations Manager for Bonobos.
Enter a couple of college business housemates at Stanford to dream up the  next big idea in menswear shopping.  It’s probably safe to say Andy Dunn and Brian Spaly, founders of Bonobos Guideshop, were not regular shoppers on 5th Avenue or Nieman Marcus,  BUT what the duo  did want was to start a company that offered  superior customer service with a great product.  Could this untested concept  prove to be a successful business model for fashion challenged men?  Absolutely.
Bonobos 1 storeThe business launched online in 2007 with an award-winning pant.  The well-fitting slacks are a twill fabric called Chinos and sold for a reasonable price, $88.00 and the are available in lots of great colors and you can select from straight leg, straight slim to boot cut, guys like to keep it simple.   New York Magazine named Bonobos “Best Men’s Pants” by New York Magazine within a year of founding and “One of America’s Hottest Brands” by Advertising Age within two years of their launch.
In 2012 the company decided to test a pop up store in New York.  This would allow online clients to enjoy another shopping experience and expand the already popular brand.  But it wasn’t just the standard retail experience.  Clients work with a trained “Guide” and try on the prototypes (like a sample)  of the items they want to purchase, the products are ordered in the store and shipped to your door.  Interesting…you shop, buy and walk out with nothing but it helps that you get a beer while you’re there!
Meet the friendly new Bonobos Guideshop crew located on 2nd Street, 436 W 2nd St (in the former Gallery d space).  It is recommended to make an appointment online to receive your personal consultation.
Hours of operation are Monday through Thursday 11am-7pm,Friday and Saturday 11am-8pm, and Sunday 11am-5pm. Guideshop appointments can be scheduled by visiting www.bonobos.com/guideshop. Guideshop appointments are always complimentary. Walk-ins are welcome but appointments are encouraged.
Click Here to see more pix from the Austin Launch Party. 

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