Nautica Returns to the Tents at New York Fashion Week

Infiniti 125 bannerNautica celebrates its 30th anniversary this year and a return to the runway at Fashion Week with the brand’s Men’s Fall 2013 collection after a more than five-year hiatus.
Designer Christopher Cox who is also the Vice President of Creative at Nautica has been with the brand for more than five years. The show was his virgin voyage on the catwalk.
“I think people are going to be blown away at the change in proportion and how we’ve pushed the wow factor.” Said Cox.
The collection of sporty, modern male looks featured great color and fur-lined coats.
Nautica also used the opportunity to launch a new part of the collection called Black Sail with an a-list cast of male models, some of whom rarely walk the catwalk like model Sean O’Pry.

Nautica Model
Sean O’Pry

The models for this line didn’t just look the part; many claimed they’re outdoorsy men who live the lifestyle for which the line is designed. Model Grayson Gettys is hails from the Woodlands. He said the line is great for a guy like him, who likes to hunt and fish.
“I love it. It’s real rugged, real outdoorsy. I’m a Texas man, southern style.” Said Grayson Gettys, Nautica model.
During an after show interview with Fashionably Austin, Cameron Winklevoss, Olympian and recognized for his legal battle with Facebook’s founder Mark Zukerberg, said he particularly liked the over the ankle blue suede boots.
If all “outdoorsy men” looked liked the models we met backstage at Nautica, you can sign me up for just about any local mountain climbing club, kayaking or any outdoor activity.

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