Meet The 2017 University of Texas Fashion Designers

Designer Rachel Spross working on her design

Nothing says Spring in Austin than the annual University of Texas Fashion Show.  This year, the senior designers have named show, “‘Synthesis” and will showcase twenty-two talented designers who will send their collections, gowns and creations down the runway in front of a packed Frank Erwin Center on April 19, 2016.  The show will also be broadcast LIVE on ESPN.
The show will begin at 7:15 p.m.on Wednesday, April 19, 2017 in the Frank Erwin Center. Admission is free
and open to the public.
The event will be prefaced by a Textiles and Apparel student exhibition curated by faculty member Luisa
Fandindo beginning at 5:30 p.m. in the Lone Star Room. This room will feature TXA students’ activities,
including the research and student design projects such as the Co-Op student design challenge and 29 Junior designer’s design challenge.
Finishing the details

“This year’s show will feature a special collection in honor of the University Co-op, which is returning as a founding and title sponsor,” says faculty member Ockhee Bego, Director of the UT Fashion Show. “The special collection of game day garments titled ‘Winning Season’ is inspired by the University of Texas sport’s fans.”
The designers will not only be premiering their designs but they will also be competing for several awards, such as Most Wearable Collection and the coveted Best Collection.
I was one of the lucky judges to not only express my opinion on their final collections but I was also able to give them direction during several judges throughout the many weeks during the design process.  Austin designer Sergio Guadarrama, Leonardo d’Almagro, Ann Kasper from the Austin fashion community were also panel judges.
The Immersed In Cotton display will open up the evening festivities at 5:30 pm and the fashion show will begin at 7:15 pm and the show will be broadcast LIVE on the The Longhorn Network for the fifth year in a row. Congratulations to all the designers and we will see you at the end of the runway!
Fashionably Austin will be at the end of the runway to capture all the looks.

 Name of Designer: Dee Ting

Hometown: McKinney, TX
Major: Textiles and Apparel: Design
Name of Collection: ErōD
Inspiration for the Collection: Dystopian imagery, nature eroding abandoned buildings
Best UT Fashion Memory: Sleeping on a yoga mat in the halls of Gearing to rest from working on my active wear
Favorite Designer: Rick Owens
Plans after Graduation: Survive in NYC while being an intern
My go-to comfort food: P Terry’s
Advice for an incoming UT Freshman Design Student: Don’t procrastinate. Learn when to swallow your pride. Do it for love or don’t do it at all. Appreciate the people around you.


 Name of Designer: Dallas Skidmore

Hometown: College Station, TX
Major: Apparel Design
Name of Collection: Divided
Inspiration for the Collection: The division women feel between wanting to look fashionable, but still dress comfortable
Best UT Fashion Memory: Seeing your designs walk down the runway
Favorite Designer: Prada
Plans after Graduation: High School Teacher
My go-to comfort food: Blueberry muffins
Advice for an incoming UT Freshman Design Student: Take out your stress by working out
Name of Designer: Marc Reilly
Hometown: McAllen, Texas
Major: Textiles and Apparel: Retail Merchandising/Apparel Design with a
McCombs Business Foundations Certificate
Name of Collection: Saucy
Inspiration for the Collection: The individuality of pizza.
Best UT Fashion Memory: Hanging out with all of my fellow design seniors. We
all laugh together, sing together, and appreciate one another. It’s a really
inspiring work environment.
Favorite Designer: The Row, Thom Browne, and Schiaparelli.
Plans after Graduation: Post graduation I hope to start out as an assistant
womenswear designer for an established brand or company and see where that
My go-to comfort food: Chinese Take-Out.
Advice for an incoming UT Freshman Design Students: Embrace your personal
aesthetic, because only you are you.
Name of Designer: Elexis Spencer
Hometown: Harker Heights, TX
Major: Textiles and Apparel
Name of Collection: Shades of the Unbroken
Inspiration for the Collection: Praising the skin and body- clothing fit for a king or queen.
Best UT Fashion Memory: When I finished sewing my collection
Favorite Designer:   There are so many talented emerging designers out there
Plans after Graduation: I’m considering getting into the wedding scene, but ultimately just
going to go with the flow
My go-to comfort food: My homemade fettuccine alfredo is the bomb
Advice for an incoming UT Freshman Design Student: Enjoy your free time while you can!
Be hungry to learn as much as you can and persevere.
Name of Designer: Melinda Lawrence
Hometown: Jodie, WV
Major: Textiles and Apparel, Certified Business Foundations Program
Name of Collection: Ode to Amelia
Inspiration for the Collection: Amelia Earhart and past aviation apparel
Best UT Fashion Memory:  Completing my collection
Favorite Designer:  I don’t have a specific designer that I favor over another. They are always evolving so, it’s hard to have a favorite.
Plans after Graduation:  TBD
My go-to comfort food:  Mashed potatoes
Advice for an incoming UT Freshman Design Student:  Incoming freshman should work on honing their time management skills.
Name of Designer: Alisha Contreras
Hometown: Sabinal, Texas
Major: Textiles and Apparel, Function, Technical Design
Name of Collection: Axis
Inspiration for the Collection: The inspiration behind my collection was axis, or chital, deer. These non-native animals were brought to Texas in the 1930’s specifically for game. Because there is now an abundance of them, and no restriction on hunting them year round, I thought it would be a great idea to not put their beautiful coats to waste. We hunt deer for their meat, but we don’t think to make their hides into something beautiful. That is what I’m trying to accomplish with my collection.
Best UT Fashion Memory: I was able to attend New York Fashion Week with University Fashion Group to be a backstage dresser/helper. Not only was it a great experience because I got to work backstage for Lela Rose and Naeem Khan, but it was so much fun feeling like an adult roaming around New York with my friends. It introduced me to life in New York and I now hope to reside there at some point.
Favorite Designer: Naeem Khan
Plans after Graduation: I will be interning at Nordstrom, and hope to go to graduate school at some point.
My go-to comfort food: Sweet tea and hot fries!
Advice for an incoming UT Freshman Design Student: Take advantage of any opportunity you have while in college in the fashion industry. Work backstage at local and national fashion shows if possible. Networking is also a key component in this industry, so get as much experience and socialize as much as possible.


Name of Designer: Linette Montana
Hometown: El Paso, TX
Major: Textiles and Apparel Design
Name of Collection: Club del Mar
Inspiration for the Collection: Nautical Experiences
Best UT Fashion Memory: All of the designers hanging out after hours, laughing, and watching movies while we sew.
Favorite Designer: I admire the aesthetic of a lot of different designers such as Delpozo, Palmer Harding, and Céline.
Plans after Graduation: Move to New York
My go-to comfort food: Sushi
Advice for an incoming UT Freshman Design Student: Do not overthink things. Listen to your personal taste and move forward with it without looking back!
 Name of Designer: Kate Wade

Hometown: Katy, TX
Major: Textiles and Apparel
Name of Collection: Metamorphosis  
Inspiration for the Collection: The Butterfly Moth
Best UT Fashion Memory: Getting coffee and shopping with friends to distract ourselves from the hectic life of being a designer. 
Favorite Designer: Iris Van Herpen 
Plans after Graduation: Costume design for TV and film. 
My go-to comfort food:  Guacamole and tacos.
Advice for an incoming UT Freshman Design Student: Get sleep while you still can and don’t get overwhelmed with the small stuff 
Name of Designer: Van Anh (Annie) Le
Hometown: Houston, TX
Major: Textiles and Apparel – Design
Name of Collection: Tickle Me Pink
Inspiration for the Collection: Shapes, lines, structure of neoprene
Best UT Fashion Memory: Going out for drinks and food with the other designers after our very first judging panel!
Favorite Designer: Ralph & Russo, Giambattista Valli, Oscar de la Renta
Plans after Graduation: Find work!
My go-to comfort food: Fries (any fried potato form, really)
Advice for an incoming UT Freshman Design Student: Enjoy all the sleep you can get now!


Name of Designer: Christine Lee
Hometown: Katy, TX
Major: Textiles and Apparel, Apparel Design and Conservation Track
Name of Collection: Fresh Pavement
Inspiration for the Collection: Streetwear, 90’s Era
Best UT Fashion Memory: Suffering and struggling together with my fellow classmate late at night in studio
Favorite Designer: Alexander Wang
Plans after Graduation: Interning and working
My go-to comfort food: Cake
Advice for an incoming UT Freshman Design Student: Time Management is key
Name of Designer: Ariana Funug
Hometown: Killeen, Tx
Major: Textiles Science and Apparel Design
Name of Collection: Society of Crossed Keys
Inspiration for the Collection: The Grand Budapest Hotel
Best UT Fashion Memory: Making memories and sharing lots of laughs with fellow designers
Favorite Designer: Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana, Elie Saab
Plans after Graduation: An internship and then hopefully a job
My go-to comfort food: Ice cream
Advice for an incoming UT Freshman Students: Take each project seriously and put your heart to and personality into it- everything you create becomes part of your portfolio and it shows others who you really are


Name of Designer: Phoebe Hambright
Hometown: Beaumont, Texas
Major: TXA Apparel Design
Name of Collection: Old Rock New Generation
Inspiration for the Collection: The Rolling Stones and The Beatles 60’s fashion
Best UT Fashion Memory: Laughing in the studio ALL the time
Favorite Designer: Crocs
Plans after Graduation: Intern in NYC
My go-to comfort food: Mac n cheese
Advice for an incoming UT Freshman Design Student: Everything always eventually falls into place. Don’t worry too much.


Name of Designer: Rachel Spross
Hometown: Waco, Texas
Major: Fashion Design
Name of Collection: Secret Garden
Inspiration for the Collection: 1950s Hollywood, all things romantic, and the floral lace that is on each of the pieces
Best UT Fashion Memory: My internship with The Darling Detail, a fashion blog here in Austin.
Favorite Designer: Elie Saab, Marchesa, Oscar de la Renta, Zac Posen, and Max Azria
Plans after Graduation: I currently have my own fashion blog, The Trendy Tomboy, that I plan to continue as a career after graduation. Additionally, I have also started a website/social media consulting business.
My go-to comfort food: chocolate chip cookies and/or pizza
Advice for an incoming UT Freshman Design Student: Learn how to stay organized, manage your time, and be self-sufficient. It’s the only way to keep your sanity senior year.


Name of Designer: Jacqueline Ramirez
Hometown: Corpus Christi, TX
Major: Textiles and Apparel, Functional and Technical Design
Name of Collection: Glacio
Inspiration for the Collection: I took inspiration from photographs I found of Antartica in textbooks. I wanted to incorporate design elements
from the massive glaciers and ice shelves. I was also was inspired by my love of combining different textures and textiles. I wanted to experiment
with different textiles to create unique modern pieces for women.
Best UT Fashion Memory: My best fashion memories (I cannot choose only one) are when I am with my designer friends, in and out of the studio.
Favorite Designer: Tibi, Alice + Olivia, Marc Jacobs
Plans after Graduation: I plan to do my internship in New York to finish my degree and hopefully work for an established designer or company.
I also plan to work on establishing my own brand of activewear.
My go-to comfort food: Mac and Cheese
Advice for an incoming UT Freshman Design Student: Always believe and stay true to yourself. People will not always like your creations but that should never discourage you from doing what you are passionate about.
Jordan Butler
Sheroid Evans
Jay Martinez
Cindy Aguirre
Maria Easton
Name of Designer: Veronica Lozano
Hometown: Laredo, Tx
Major: Textile and Apparel Design
Name of Collection: Animosity
Inspiration for the Collection: Combining masculine details with feminine details // Empowering women
Best UT Fashion Memory: My favorite memories would have to be all the long nights spent in the sewing lab, laughing and working alongside my designer family!
Favorite Designer: Delpozo
Plans after Graduation: To immediately enter the fashion industry and to continue creating art, challenging my abilities, growing as a designer and as an individual.
My go-to comfort food: Cake
Advice for an incoming UT Freshman Design Student: It’ll be challenging, it’ll be exciting, it’ll be tiring, but most importantly, it will be worth it. Stay strong and let your creativity flow.
Name of Designer: Hailey Sellars
Hometown: Early, TX
Major: Apparel Design
Name of Collection: RePleat
Inspiration for the Collection: repetitive and geometric patterns and pleats in nature such as in palm leaves
Best UT Fashion Memory: All of the times spent goofing around in lab with my classmates
Favorite Designer: Josep Font for Delpozo
Plans after Graduation: internship at RHIE in New York
My go-to comfort food: mac and cheese
Advice for an incoming UT Freshman Design Student: Be prepared to spend lots of long nights in the lab. And make sure someone brings an air mattress for naps!

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