Boutique Peek ~ LURE by Y&F Expands to Second Location on South Lamar

Inside the new LURE by Y & F on South Lamar

It’s an exciting time in Austin when a business expands and even better when a fashion retailer adds a second location.

Safina Sadruddin, owner of LURE by Y & F,  opened up her first store in the Hill Country Galleria in 2012. Then, it was a small family business called Young & Fabulous, but now, after years of experience and in order to keep up with the ever-changing fashion industry, she has opened her second LURE by Y & F location at 38th and Lamar.

Safina grew up in Malaysia, where her family owns a chain of hypermarket, supermarket and emporiums.  With generations of entrepreneurs at her fingertips, she was set on a good course to eventually break into the fashion business.

“Fashion is something I was passionate about, but I never go to expand on that creative side of myself,” she says. “Being in Malaysia, the culture is different and watching on TV, the U.S. culture, the open mind that people have…I wanted to come here.”

Safina Sadruddin ~ Owner, LURE by Y & F

Safina worked hard to get a scholarship, which allowed her to move to America when she was just 18. Unfortunately, she came during the time of a recession, and she lost the scholarship, but with her entrepreneurial spirit and work hard – three jobs at once and she survived. She also ended up studying at Western Michigan, where she received a bachelor’s degree in business and a minor in computer science in 2001. After that, she moved to Austin to work in insurance and to eventually start her own fashion brand.

When asked about the Austin fashion scene, Safina notes that her Hill Country Galleria audience is very contemporary and likes to be comfortable, while Austin has a more fashion-forward taste, wanting to try new trends.  Of course, we asked her what trends she is seeing right now.

“Prints seem to be everywhere, and wide leg pants seem to be coming back!”

These trends and more can be seen at LURE by Y & F, where Safina, Claire and her team cater to the moms, the professional women, the ladies who are 35 and up, love fashion and like to go out and enjoy themselves!

“I do shop online, but when it comes to clothing, I feel that people need to touch and feel the material, the quality of it. Buying online is easy, yes, but you don’t know what you’re going to get.”

Upscale jewelry selection

…and you do with Safina, whose locations offer fun clothing items and exceptional customer service. Plus, how inspiring is it that Safina packed up, set out on her own and became a business owner – a business owner who is also raising a family of her own (this wife is a mother to a seven-year-old girl and a five-year-old boy)!

“They have their own mindset and are going to do what they want to do,” she says about her children, who are being raised in a very different way than she was…and we are glad she is able to support her family and the fashion scene here in Austin.

The store is located at 3800 N. Lamar, Suite 105, Austin, TX  78756 – 512.263.1117 or 512.527.3093.

Take a tour of the new LURE by Y & F store in Austin.

Photos:  copyright/Cheryl Bemis




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