IdealHeel Best Shoe of the Day – New York Fashion Week RECAP

Best Shoe Day 6It was a quest that was a fun one and we conquered the challenge…find the best shoes at New York Fashion Week.  This time it was a bit more challenging to find fab shoes because of the n’easter called Nemo, and the blizzard forced many gals  to put on the weather proof boots or something a bit more practical, including us!
We certainly can’t blame anyone because putting on your best shoes in your closet and then ruin them by the salt and sloppy snow just didn’t seem like a good idea.  The weather did clear up and attendees pulled out all the stops when it came to fantastic shoes.  And we found a little secret, I caught a couple of gals taking off the snow booths around the corner from the tents changing into their dress heels…busted!
Our cameras snapped away and we not only found great selections for our idealheel Best Shoe of the Day but you can also see the rest of our runners up in our Fashionably Austin smugmug gallery.  We believe that the best way to find the perfect outfit is buy the shoes first!
Click here to see more great shoe pix!

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