Historical “Siriano Save” Keeps Austin’s Brittany Allen In Project Runway Competition

Designer and model line up - Photo - Barbara Nitke/Bravo
Designer and model line up – Photo – Barbara Nitke/Bravo

Story by:  Kelsie Davis

The stakes are high, they’re getting higher and the judges are not saving anyone despite their talent, or at least that is what the script says.

For week number nine, the remaining seven designers were challenged to create a new uptake on the classic tuxedo but spin it in a modern way.  They were given two days for the challenge and had to add a satin feature, which is the defining characteristic of a tuxedo design.

The judges then welcomed the previously eliminated designers to assist for this week’s challenge and for the twist, the competing designers got to select who they wanted to work with.

Austin designer Sergio Guadarrama had an idea that turned heads around, literally. His piece was a white backward tuxedo dress where the front is the back, and, you guessed it, the back is the front.   The designer did take some heat when he was questioned by the judges as it ironically mimicked the famous silhouette worn in 1999 by Celine Dion to the Oscars.

For day two, Sebastian Gray, last year’s Project Runway winner, walked into the workroom supplied with motivation and a Columbian

Sergio Guadarrama Design Photo - Barbara Nitke/Bravo
Sergio Guadarrama Design Photo – Barbara Nitke/Bravo


“The first idea that comes in your head, is the right one, “breathe, keep going, and focus on what you’re doing,”  said Gray.

Last week’s winner Austin Designer Brittany Allen mentioned she has never designed or sewn a menswear garment in her life, but she was up for the challenge but knew it was going to an uphill battle.

She decided to move from what was safe and created a more conventional look, doing what she is good at, creating garments with colorful prints.   She knew this would be a risk, but she does it anyway with dismal remarks from the judges.

“I know it’s not my best work, but I’ve taken the biggest risk, I went out on a ledge,” Allen said.

As our other Austin designer’s look took to the runway Sergio, once again, made Austin proud as he was named safe in this competition and was a top-three look.

Brittany Allen Design Photo: Barbara Nitke/Bravo
Brittany Allen Design Photo: Barbara Nitke/Bravo

Designers Delvin, Brittany and Nancy were the bottom three designers and Brittany, unfortunately,  was the losing designer this week.  The judges and designers were all noticeable upset about this decision, as well as Brittany, yet she remained humble and professional.

“It’s been an honor, I’ve disappointed the judges, I’ve disappointed myself”, added Allen.

Christian Siriano, had a different take on the decision as he spoke with the judges concurring that Brittany just had a bad week.  They all believed that she is talented and then the unthinkable happened.  Christian used his first “Siriano Save” which allows him to pick a designer of his choice to continue in the competition.  The judges did not hesitate, they agreed and in fact, they were very excited.

“You’re very talented. Your work is amazing and you’re gonna have to endure this a little bit longer, added Siriano.

As the entire room erupted into cheers and excitement (along with the entire Austin fashion community who was watching) Brittany burst into tears.  Brittany was safe!

“I have to show him that I am worthy of the save, and I’m not gonna let him down,” Allen says proudly.

Once again, Sergio and Brittany are making Austin very proud, and can we say we are even more excited than ever for next week’s episode?

Congratulations to Sergio for another top look, and to Brittany for this extremely humbling save.   Also, thanks to Christian from the bottom of all of our Texas hearts.


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