H&M Shoppers Camp Out For Fashion

My eardrums are still ringing from the music blasting outside the doors of the new H&M Austin Domain store. The DJ elicited a chorus of screams by announcing a 5-minute warning to the store’s Grand Opening.
Many have anticipated the store opening for months.  H&M has a loyal following and several people told me that they have shopped at other H&M stores from London, to New York and even Houston.  When asked why they liked the store, the responses ranged from good quality for a good price, fashionable looks and helpful sales staff.  Despite the long line to get in one shopper said it was not that bad and moved quickly. However, they didn’t have anything in his size, as he needed big and tall sizes.  Some shoppers remarked that the women’s sizes were in need of improvement.  While H&M does offer plus sizes they are not yet available at the Domain location.
McNeil student Ondrea Bluestone took waiting in line to the extreme.  She camped out starting at 4pm Friday, slept in five layers of clothing under heat lamps, then stood in line till the official Saturday noon opening.  Her payoff was a $200 gift certificate. While not as dedicated as Miss Bluestone, the early morning campers were rewarded for their early morning arrival. The first 500 people in line behind her also received a gift card with random amounts from $10 and up.
The store staff helped keep the momentum going. They were encouraging shoppers to dance to the music, a welcome distraction from the line, both outside and at the register.
It was a successful grand opening and many racks that were once straining with the weight of garments were left almost bare. Satisfied shoppers left with bags stuffed full of trendy fashions. Most shoppers agreed, the experience and fashion haul was well worth the wait.
To see all the excitement click here for photos.

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