Glam Up Your Look with Fab Updo Hair and Makeup

BOTG 125 logoThey say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  At Fashion Week I say beauty is in the hands of the professionals, a whole team of professionals.  After the models are all primped, styled, sent down the catwalk and pose at the end of the runway, THEN you get to decide whether or not the “beauty” part is a hit or a miss.
Some of the hair and makeup directions by lead hair designers sometimes leaves me scratching my head. And there is nothing more boring than interviewing the lead hair designer and hear “we decided to go with that super natural look, we just took the hair, put some hair product in it and let it go.”  Really?  Now I’m all for the natural look, heck, I put that look on for the better part of any given week. Give me some interesting to see please…empty that hairspray can and pin that hair! We want to see something fun! After all, it is a fashion show and as a photographer at the end of the runway, I want something fun to shoot.  The Venexiana collection always delivers.
Kati Stern, designer for Venexiana lives by the motto “more is good and even more is better”,  and then she adds a little bit of her rock ‘n roll, punk personality to the mix.  This show is off the hook glam from head to toe and  each show premiers at least 70 pieces to send down the runway, a huge undertaking since the average collections is more than half of that.
This season, the lead hair stylist Philip Pelusi from Tela Beauty Organics, did a modern take on the 40’s Victoria Roll and mixed in a feeling of Moulin Rouge.  The back was finished off in an assymetrical “S” curve then pinned at the nap of the neck then sparkle bobby pins were tucked in to complete the look.
The biggest surprise backstage was running into some local Austin talent!  Three members of the Venexiana hair team was from Austin’s Bella Salon.  Consuela Herrera, Tiffany Vogelpohl and Keith Patillo helped Philip take his 40’s hair vision into runway reality.  At the time when we were filming the Austin hair team was busy putting in long hair extensions to help wrap around the foam rolls that create the extravagant pompadour updo.
For the make-up lead makeup artist Dani Fonsecka said that designer Kati Stern ” doesn’t care what is on trend and just wants the girls to look sexy and fierce she has adds a little edge of punk”.    The intense smokey eye was balanced with a pale glossy lip and lashes for days.
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Thank you to sponsor: Austin Beauty on The Go by Lecia Harkins. Lecia is a talented hair and makeup artist and assists on some of the top magazine photo shoots in town. She also is booked solid styling brides for their big day. For fun, talk to Lecia about her passion with everything…everything haunted, halloween and scary.

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