Austin Designer Gail Chovan Presents "Unprecious" – Collection 17

There are several fall shows we look forward to but one we all anticipate is from Austin Fashion Trailblazer, designer and owner of South Congress’ iconic boutique Blackmail, Gail Chovan.  She not only creates a new collection for the show but the venue often changes which adds to the fashion buzz.   Show atmosphere you know is everything!

gail chovan unprecious 2014 (26)
Photo: Gregg Cestaro

The Wednesday before Halloween, Austinites and fashionistas gathered in East Austin for Gail Chovan’s “Unprecious” fashion show. Held in at Justine’s private house, the show venue was crammed pack as soon as the doors opened. Old friends caught up, young girls took selfies and even Gail’s twins, Zelda and Creed, were running around, with beats from DJ John Gomi filling the night air.
Before the show, we learned that Ross Bennett, who helped stich the line, is getting ready for Fashion X Dallas, while ATX Street Style’s Shelley Neuman has been shooting festivals, meaning she has her eyes set on Fun Fun Fun Fest!
The show finally started, with the clang of a gong, as the lights went up, and the crowd went silent and still.
The first few looks showed manipulated leather, with patchwork piecing and shredded fringe.
Pops of color were found in the bright red flowers adorning kimono-style dresses.
Mid-line, we saw white silk charmeuse tunics and tops, stained and blemished.
“This collection is all about the truth of what’s really precious,” said Gail. “Fashion is unprecious – It doesn’t mean a thing. These wine stains and cut leather, style from within…that’s what’s really precious.”
gail chovan unprecious 2014 (40)
Photo: Gregg Cestaro

All the models donned chunky black shoes and simple hair/makeup (done by Rae Cosmetics) – and they all seemed to be having a good time, weaving around the house, especially the last model, who wowed fans in a huge black and red flower-print ball gown (Gail’s Lady Bird Johnson look from last month’s MOD event).
“I LOVED it,” said Joanna Wilkinson, local blogger for Keep Austin Stylish. “There were so many pieces that I could wear right now.”
And we agree; Gail, once again, put on a great show, full of great pieces, that let us catch up with great people. Thank you for the night, Gail, and we’ll see all of YOU at the next fashion event.
Click Here to see the entire fashion show Gallery.  Photos by:  Gregg Cestaro

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