Fashionably Pink Fashion Show – Recap

When I started working with the great gals at the Stiletto Stampede back in 2009, it was my vision to eventually have a fashion component for the event. The first thought was to put on a shoe fashion show but if you know me, I have to “feel” that it’s right and to be honest nothing was coming through at that time. Fast-forward to 2012… I new the timing was right this year! Founder of the Stiletto Stampede Michelle Patterson gave me the green light to partner with the organization to do a pink fashion show and she recommended we call it Fashionably Pink…um how could I resist!
Thankfully, all the great fashion contacts I joined forces with the Austin fashion community and made the first Fashionably Pink fashion show a huge success. It was a take on the little black dress concept but just switched to pink to celebrate October breast cancer awareness month. In all 19 dresses strutted down the side of the W Hotel’s pool side wet deck on one of the most beautiful evenings we have had since spring. I would also like thank all the media who came out and took pictures, video taped and of course all the people who made a door donation. (which was nearly $1000!!) I also need to thank the entire board, Michelle Patterson, Nicole Pape, Alexis Kriticos, Jenny Sparks, Tracey Peoples, Crystal Garcia, Jaclyn Eickenhorst, Ester Yaniv, Brittanie Duncan, Elyce Lahay, Blanca Gonzales, Monica Van Cleve and Cindy Stepken. You all helped make a dream come true for me. Thank you so much. With the chatter amongst the crowd, Fashionably Pink was a fashionable success and will be back again next year.
Participating designers/MakeUp/Hair Stylists/Model
Ross Bennett – Ross Bennett Collection – Model Erin Bennett
Anslee Connell – Savannah Red – Model  CJ Legare/Hair Lecia Harkins/Make up Lecia Harkins
Paola Moore – Rare Trends – Model Lydia Hutchinson/Hair Sarah Johnson/Make Up Mandy Hernandez
Csilla Somogyi – Csillawear –
Theresa Kopecky – Tess Dress – Model Kasey L./Hair Deberah Lira/Make up Deborah Lira
Valeri Abrego-Liszewski – Jinxedaposed – Model Jennifer Larsen/Hair Monique Yancey/ Make Up Sandra Bilokonsky
Sarah Eileen – Model Abby Richards/Hair Alex Marie Patterson/Make Up Lauren Lumsden
Amanda Yilmaz – Model Lani/Hair Lecia Harkins/Make Up Lecia Harkins
Rick Gonyo – Model Blur Madrigal/Hair Keith Pattillo
Jodi Schreiner – Model Jamie Garrett
Dina Chavez – Hair Kendall Koehler/Make Up Kendall Koehler
Ruth Waddy – Model Shelby Sumerlin/Make Up Kandy Glass
Laisa Macias – LaLa
Ilonka Braun – Ilonka Designs
Isabella Rose – Model Isabella/Hair and Make up Isabella Rose
Lauren Polt – chicka-d –
Regina Simone – Model Claire Graves/Hair and Makeup Jackson Ruiz Salon
Megan Pinto – Model Ashlee Perez/Hair Megan Pinto/Make up Megan Pinto
Wanderlust Boutique
And the fun has not stopped…you can register now for Stiletto Stampede race which is scheduled for October 20 at the Triangle. Let’s see how you run, strut or walk in heels, or come out, wear pink and have fun.
Below are some links of pictures from the event and video!

Click here to see the 19 Fashionably Pink Dresses.
Click here to see the Fashionably Pink Event Photos.

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