Austin Fashion Designer Pitches Business to Shark Tank

Shark Tank 1Gay Isber’s Sugar Factory has been keeping Austin weird with her fabulously fashionable motto “it’s all about the sparkle, baby,” for the past two years, and the jewelry designer just keeps on shining with her recent successes.
Isber was looking for a different way to promote her boutique, so last month, she really went for it by auditioning for ABC’s Shark Tank!
“I was first in line, but I’m an overachiever, so I just had fun with it,” the artist said. “I bonded with the people around me, making everyone jewelry…We had fun!” We all sleep on the side walk on the street of Victory Park with 41 degree weather.  It was fun and bonding.  We entertained each other for 24 hours feeding the excitement.
Though Isber will not know if she made the cut for another six months, another Sugar Factory designer was asked to participate in the show on-the-spot, meaning the store will for sure be getting a little Shark Tank spotlight.Haja Scott, from my store, who makes curvy girl, Toombas jeans got immediately asked to get a video together! It is so exciting for her and proud.
And all eyes will definitely be on Isber and her designs, as The Sugar Factory was recently featured on!
“I’m the first Austin business to be on this boutique site, which is exciting,” she said. “This will go out to all of the site’s subscribers, putting me next to other designers from all over!”
In Isber’s past twelve years of jewelry-making, she has managed to get her creative creations on numerous fashionistas, countless models and local celebs were sporting Isber’s baubles during Austin Fashion Week.
Here is an earlier video featuring Gay!

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