Elevé Cosmetics Launches in Austin!

Gertie touching up FA’s Cheryl Bemis

Austin is home to another new fashion entrepreneur and this time it’s a cosmetic brand owner, Gertie Wilson.  It was nearly four years ago when Gertie Wilson knew a cosmetics line was in her future (she is a make up artist) and she was determined to create something she loved and she also paid close attention to details with each product she created.  She wanted to also have a line that women would appreciate as well.
All made up and ready to shop!!

The inspiration for her line entitled Eleve´, started way back when she was little with a love of ballet, which is where the word Elevé comes from.  “I was inspired more by stage make up and the beauty of ballet rather than the actual dancing”, added Wilson.
Elevé has a long established list of natural ingredients in each product.    They are all-natural, vegan-based, GMO-free, cruelty-free, gluten free, paraben free and some of the highest quality of ingredients you can have in a makeup.  “A lot of women don’t know what they are putting on their skin”, said Wilson.
DTK Austin owner Ashley Hargrove, Style Beacon’s Michelle Zuzek & Kristen Chin, Pom PR

Her collection started with her signature (and her favorite) product called the Bomb Shell Beauty Balm which is a super light-weight, moisturizing foundation that covers well as a primer without being heavy.  It is also touted to be a skin care plumper as well.  Gertie actually tried it out on me and have to say it was not heavy and did cover well.
At her recent brand launch at Valentine’s, attendees got to try out the products, shop and as a gift, I received a lip gloss. Have to be honest, I am not a real fan of gooey lip gloss with the wand, but have to say I use it over my matt lipsticks and is lightweight and not too heavy.
Price ranges for Gertie’s line starts at $20 for the lip gloss and goes to $56.  You can find out more on her web site at www.elevecosmetics.com or you can head over to the Kiss N Makeup studio to see more of thedsc_9571 Elevé makeup collection.
We wish Gertie the best in her growing business!

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