Designer Madison Meserole Unveils Her First Collection

The Austin fashion industry has long-standing support for emerging designers and here at Fashionably Austin, it’s great to introduce to you to designer Madison “Madi” Meserole.

Madi’s first collection, Metamorphosis, premiered at The Venue in Austin a few weeks ago.  Her collection was inspired by the concept of a butterfly, both visually and figuratively. “If you were to examine the wing of a butterfly under a microscope, the scales of it, look very similar to a sequined fabric and that is where I developed the idea of tabbing my skirts”, added Meserole.
The color palette selected for her collection was an array of blacks, blues and deep reds.  She selected these hues because in Native American culture seeing certain butterflies have various meanings that complimented her color palette for her collection.
Several skirts in her collection featured some special detailing.  Ninety-six individual tabs that were individually sewed on by the designer and other silhouettes also visually that represented a butterfly.  Cropped tops and tunics featured cap and flounced sleeves made of organza.  Bell-bottomed pants had metal hoops sewed in the hems to maintain a more structured winged effect as each model strutted down the runway.
The design process is only one of the elements of the fashion process that inspires this young designer.  “I completely get inspired by the end production itself. I picture the show, with the apparel telling the story, and from there my collections are born”, added Meserole.
Like most creatives, inspiration ignites from all different places.  Mesorole, a former Westlake cheerleader who cheered on their two-time national winning squad went on to cheer for her current alma mater, LSU her freshman year.  Unfortunately, she didn’t make the squad for a second year.  Devastated, she put her energy into her apparel design major at LSU and the MEZ collection was born.   Madi’s future goals include returning to Austin after graduation to open a MEZ boutique.
We look forward to seeing more from designer Madi and the MEZ collection.  Go Madi Go!!!
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Photos: Brandon Aguilar & Vinnie Fallico


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