Clinton Kelly Makes Austin Macy's Apperance

The last time Clinton Kelly was in Austin it was in 2009 and we’ve had to wait a  long time wait for him to return to our fashionable city.  On a personal note I have soft place in my heart for Clinton because he was so gracious to grant me an interview that would eventually be my original content to launch Fashionably Austin five years ago.  It created that much-needed credibility to launch my site and I am so grateful.   Thanks Clinton!
When Clinton was in town in 2009 he on his exclusive Make Over America tour with Macy’s making over women and helping them look their best, which is the same format Clinton and Stacy London have been doing as hosts of TLC’s What Not To Wear.  It was a sad announcement from the network that  after ten years on the air, is finally coming to an end.  Sniff.
DSC_0006Clinton returned to Austin  and entertained a sold-out crowd of Austin fashion-minded gals at the Austin Macy’s.   Referring to various body parts in a comfortable way that only Clinton could do.  Attendees were treated to passed bites and fruity drinks along with complimentary Estee Launder makeovers and of course, discounts on shopping.   I took advantage of the shopping because I didn’t have a thing to wear to host the Project Pink Fashion Show the next day and sales Associate Ruth Ann helped me put together a fab outfit for the event in record time.
DSC_0080Clinton’s presentation was not only entertaining…(he is as funny in person as on tv) but it was educational.  In between his quips about where tops should hit on your “tush” or where your “boobies” should be,  he featured four top fall trends using three models of different sizes and ages.    It was a brilliant way for the crowd to engage with each fashion trend and relate to how they could wear it.
Clinton also fielded questions from the audience which ranged from how to accessorize various necklines to how can a 40 something transition from not looking like your daughter but being stylish too.  Clinton rattled off his four “rules”  1.  Does the outfit show too much cleavage?  2.  Does it show too much leg?  3.  Does it show your belly?  4.  Is this a trend a hooker would wear to get more business?  The crowd roared but he is spot on!  He said that “appropriate style” for a 40 something is the most asked question he gets at his seminars and after seeing the presentation it was easy for each attendee to figure out how to appropriately put together a great look.   Take a look at the pictures below and you’ll realize it is not that hard to dress fashionably even if you’re a little older, curvy or young and hip.
If you follow Clinton’s motto which was printed on a bags given out to the crowd,  it says “Dress Cute and Don’t Take Any Crap”.  Ok Clinton, we can do that!  We also wish him much success after the long run of What Not To Wear, (ending after 10 years) and you’ll be able to read his second book Freakin’ Fabulous on a Budget available now.  You can continue to see him as one of the hosts of The Chew and just please don’t take five more years to come back to Austin…and that’s no crap!

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