Bryan Anthonys’ Meaningful Jewelry Serves As A Reminder That Your Story Matters

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In 2015, Amber Glassman and her husband quit their full-time jobs in New York and moved to Austin, Texas, and started the jewelry fashion brand Bryan Anthonys. This jewelry brand was established in honor of Glassman’s brother, who passed at a young age from a severe case of bacterial meningitis. Each piece has a meaningful design that is core to the reason why Amber started the brand and why customers return for more meaningful pieces.

Glassman discovered her love for jewelry at a very young age, when her mother gifted her a pearl necklace that was passed down from her grandmother; she never took it off, realizing the deeper meaning that these accessories can have.

Bryan Anthony
Bryan Anthony Necklace Sharing a Meaningful and Inspirational Message

“Every time a piece of jewelry is passed down from one person to another, it brings stories, memories, and emotions that connect us to our loved ones,” Glassman said. “Later on in life, as I collected and purchased new pieces of jewelry, I would think back to that same pearl necklace and how it held pieces of my grandmother’s story. I was so excited to wear my new pieces, as I couldn’t help but think how they would soon become a part of my own original story, full of memories and all of the places that I wore them to.”

As you peruse the Bryan Anthonys website, you will notice that each product coincides with a specific word and descriptive message. That’s because Glassman is not only a jewelry designer, but she is also a writer. She likes to remind people that, sometimes, we have moments that are not full of light and that it’s important to allow ourselves to feel whatever aches inside our hearts. She loves to start her writings by channeling the overall feeling of the piece involved, “the heart” of each piece.

“Through my own personal journey, I have experienced some difficult moments, and I have learned that healing is not linear,” Glassman said. “Giving ourselves the space and grace to feel is necessary. I hope that when our customers are looking for a specific piece, it reflects a difficult chapter in their journey, and they can find strength in these words. They wear the jewelry as a reminder that their story matters alone.”

This passion for humanity continues, as Bryan Anthonys believes that our personal style represents our personal stories. The aim is that the jewelry inspires customers to not just wear their story but to tell it, too. Glassman, for example, gave birth to her daughter, Liliana, in April, and while this part of her story has had its challenges, it has also empowered her.

“This new profound love further reminded me of the significance of the people that matter most in our lives,” she said. “This has really inspired me to add more personalized pieces to our collection, pieces that allow names or dates to be engraved. We are definitely looking forward to expanding the personalized offerings for our customers.”

Bryan Anthony Ring Collection

While Glassman does not have one favorite piece of jewelry, she does love seeing the growth of people embracing and overcoming their stories.

“I see many women sharing their stories of infertility, inspired by our “Overcome” necklace, and they are talking to each other about it, expressing their condolences, and opening up about their own struggles. There is nothing more beautiful or powerful than that. It’s honestly one of my favorite things about the brand…seeing complete strangers connect through shared experiences.”

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