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Inside the new Golden Bones

The expansion of local shopping centers typically house nationally known brands, recognized franchised outlets and leaves little opportunity for small, locally owned businesses to thrive and be recognized in a high foot traffic environment.  But the recently expanded section of the Domain, Rock Rose, has changed that with several Austin fashion brands opening their doors.
With a platform of home-grown, smaller and new named businesses, the Rock Rose shopping strip in the Domain houses an eclectic, Austin shopping experience in far North Austin.  Golden Bones Boutique is one of the new comers to the shopping strip offering a edgier product selection.
Opening Day! Bijou Finney, Cheryl Bemis and Kassi Foster

Despite a little rough start to the first Golden Bones location on Koenig Lane, co-founders Bijou Finney and Kassi Foster had to reboot, rename, and decide exactly what direction they eventually wanted to take the boutique.  After some re-evaluation, the Koenig Lane store opened and then a few years later the decision came to move to North Austin.
Moving did create some heated discussions between the store partners and former high school, and not so friendly classmates.  Bijou felt moving would be a sell out because she wanted the brand to keep the Austin vibe and wasn’t sure the Domain would be able to offer that.
But moving was the new door they needed.  “It gives us an opportunity to see so much more traffic than we were normally seeing and still be a boutique, Kassi said.  The store opened for business on September 23, 2016
Gift items from Golden Bones

With a fun product mix of quirky gifts, baby items, shoes and clothing, the store offers that different item you won’t see in other stores.  “It doesn’t matter if the customer is 25 or 35 with kids, she just wants to be a bit different and not look so sorority girl and that is who we cater to, added Finney.
“We decided we wanted to be that edgy trendy place and Golden Bones set the tone for that” said Finney,
With Bijou at the helm for marketing and everything creative and Kassi handling more of the behind the scenes operations the two have a vivacious mix of smarts and personality to offer a different option for Austinites.  Congratulations on the new location and keeping the local Austin fashion scene fun and a little quirky.
The store is located on Rock Rose Avenue and Esperanza Crossing located next to Core Power Yoga across from Mad Greens.  Store hours are M-W 10-8pm, Th-Sa 10-9pm and Sunday noon-6pm.
See Inside the Golden Bones store! Click on the photo below.

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