Black and Tan II ~ Creative Challenge for Local Designers

UPDATE: Congratulations to Megan Pinto of Megan Pinto Designs, WINNER of the Black and Tan Challenge. Runner up – Junie Tune and Honorable Mentions to Amanda Rose and Rene Geneva.
So much fabric, so little time! Or, sew much fabric, sew little time! Austin designer, AFW Trailblazer and self proclaimed fabric hoarder Megan Summerville was going to put local designers to a fashion test. She shared 1400 yards of fabric and embarked to bring back to life the ever so popular event, Black and Tan II. Megan and her family will be moving to Colorado soon, so this event was somewhat of a farewell party, but don’t think that she will stay away for long.

“I’m planning to come back to Austin annually to do the event, and to continue to create a venue for local designers to really test and expand themselves with respect to design”, added Summerville.

Winner! Megan Pinto Designs

Thirty five designers accepted the clothing challenge and had to create a design using 40 yards of base fabric, 110 yards of trim, and they were all assigned a manipulation method to craft their lovable look. The objective: “create something huge!” all in only eight weeks!
The designers showed off some vastly diverse talent as their models paraded down the runway at the Shoal Crossing Event Center.   The packed house cheered on their favorites along side some of Austin’s most fashionably dressed and notable supporters.  Mary Margarget Quadlander, former owner of the Austin School of Design was seated with jewelry designer Beth McElhaney and Austin fashion icon Stephen Moser made an appearance.DSC_6801
Sitting at the end of the runway, I was truly absorbed in each designer’s unique use of the supplies. Designers’ concepts had to be made of 80% of the original fabric, although it could be dyed. Some stylists opted for nearly the entire 40 yards, the more, the merrier! Atelier Benson’s striking jade gown and complementary hooded cape were clearly a full-length favorite. Others, like Amanda Rose’s fierce black ensemble left little to the imagination with sexy straps and tough textures. All were completely captivating!
When the night was over Megan was amazed at the amount of creativity the designers had put into their creations.  “Since I did not see the final submissions till the night of, my reaction was seeing all of the models lined up and thinking oh my gosh, this is all the same fabric?  I was really impressed, and proud of the participating community, said Megan.
Judges for the event were three notable Austin fashion names, William Jackson ~ Influential Magazine, Joanna Wilkerson ~ Keep Austin Stylish and founder, and Cheryl Bemis ~ Fashionably Austin.
Keep your fingers crossed for your favorite designer and creations to win the bragging rights of Black and Tan II.  Fashionably Austin will announce the winner soon!
See the designer’s creations here!
Participating Designers:
Kira Pickens | Stefanie Bell | E’Lyshet Designs | Megan Pinto | Sleep, Never | Jinxedaposed by Valeri Abrego | Capa Accessories by Karen Bravo | Lala by Laisa Macias | Melissa Taylor | Mr. H by Jon Dates | Accessories by Cathie Hutchins | Tessa Marsh | Sam Gunderman | Lilia Ballí | JLV Fashion Designs by James L. Volkema | René Geneva Design | The Sick Chick | Otorten by T/M | Kimberly Hairston | Ysel Rodriguez | Kumi Designs | *E* by EVELYN Designs | Marissa Marsh | June Higgins | SixChel: Sexy, Chic, Cool, Chick | Aidan CAL | Carla Nickerson | Amber Holmes | Soul You | Rick Gonyo | ilonka | Hunter Nelson | Atelier Benson | Wiggins Wear | Amanda Rose by Design |

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