Austinite Rebecca Gaddis Shares Fashion Treasures And Stories From Around The World

The Curated Nomad - Rebecca Gaddis
A bag from The Curated Nomad

When you take an amazing vacation it’s common to bring home special treasures to remember your travels.   I particularly love a lovely gray wrap jacket from Belgium that brings me back to that amazing European I took with my husband.

Austinite Rebecca Gaddis loves to find treasures from her travels so much she made her passion a business.  She is now sharing eclectic, beautiful and fashionable items on her newly launched website The Curated Nomad.

In 2004 Rebecca moved from the comforts of her Austin roots and moved to New York City.   She attended fashion school there and added several high-profile fashion houses to her resume.  She used her marketing and public relations skills at Giorgio Armani, Rebecca Taylor and Carolina Herrera.  She thrived and immersed herself in the fashion business, merchandising and styling areas.

“I’ve always helped women create looks as far as I can remember,” added Gaddis.   She used her styling advice and launched her own consulting business where she put together outfits for high-profile businesswomen clients in the big apple.  Once she decided to leave NYC she moved back to Austin where she freelanced and worked for a marketing agency.

The Curated Nomad - Rebecca Gaddis
Bracelets from The Curated Nomad

“When I travel I always look for designers and not only see what they are making but listen to their stories and inspiration,” added Gaddis. Bringing all of those items under one roof is the core passion for Rebecca.

Gaddis works directly with artisans and small designers from around the world.  Most of her pieces are currently sourced from Mexico and Morocco and is expanding her sourcing efforts to include more countries and artisans.

The nice thing about Rebecca’s inventory is that nothing is mass-produced and she is aware of the importance of sustainability.  “I’m just showing people that there are other options out there”, added Gaddis

Each designer or artesian makes small runs of items adding to the exclusivity of each garment or accessory.   You buy the beautiful one-of-kind pieces and get some fashion history along with it.

“I love telling a story through what I am wearing,” added Gaddis.    “I am sourcing unique pieces for women who are seeking more than just an article of clothing – these are pieces of wearable art – and I’m making these gems more accessible which is so exciting.”

The Curated Nomad - Rebecca Gaddis
Handbag from The Curated Nomad

While each travel treasure is special, she knows that one amazing piece of jewelry can change the entire look of an outfit.  Accessories are everything.  Most of The Curated Nomad inventory has a bohemian vibe and exotic feeling to them which is a perfect combination for any Austin fashion personality.

Future opportunities for the collection include pop up shops so you can visit faraway lands even if you are still in Austin.


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