Austinite Gives Style Advice With Her Styling App The Selfie Stylist

The Selfie Stylist App

Whether you want to change up your style, look handsome on a first date, dress for success at a job interview, or just grab a drink with a friend, there is a dilemma we all have faced: not knowing what to wear. 

Well, meet your new personal style assistant, The Selfie Stylist, an app that gives you access to real-time feedback from professional stylists on what you should and shouldn’t wear. 

The genius behind it all is Lana Ashby Rowder, who is the founder, CEO, and lead stylist. With a background in nursing, she is also a mother with fabulous taste and a passion for helping people. “When we look good, we feel good, and then we go out and do good,” Rowder said.

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The Selfie Stylist Founder Lana Ashby Rowder

The Selfie Stylist started with Rowder helping a friend with what to wear to weddings, then their friend needed help, and their friend needed help, and so on. Rowder then mixed her fashion interests with her interest in helping others, which led to the creation of this personal stylist business.

The app developed and orchestrated in Austin, launched in February of 2020, and it offers a personalized approach; users can get insight on what to wear, how to dress for their body types, which pieces are in style, and more, all while wearing the clothes they already own or have just purchased.

Currently, The Selfie Stylist offers two different buying options: For $10, you may take up to five selfies to upload and get instant, honest, and professional feedback. You can also schedule a 15-minute video chat for $25, building a fashion plan from the ground up. 

Ready to get started? Use code STYLEME for a FREE selfie styling session through the app!

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The Selfie Stylist App

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