Austin Sustainable Fashion Brand, LIKA STEEL, Debuts First-Ever Bridal Collection

Lika Steel Bridal Design

Lika Steel — the fashion designer behind an eponymous brand full of sustainably chic and vintage-inspired designs — debuted her first bridal collection at a recent gathering of fashion-minded people at Flip ‘n Art gallery.  You can be sure those in attendance were thrilled to be at an in-person event and it was a fashionable hit.

“I would love to express my gratitude to the people I work, collaborate, and create with,” she said. “I know that they are a big part of my success, and I really appreciate each of them.”

When describing her work, the designer says that LIKA STEEL is defining style and creating desire. “The brand is focused on women’s ready-to-wear clothes, and it’s known for the quality and attention to detail. It’s eclectic and has a romantic vibe, with a vintage touch.

“I love using vintage styles in my designs and adapting them for a contemporary audience.”

Venue – Flip ‘N Art Gallery

Steel, who lives in Austin, has traveled from Europe to Israel, but instead of verbally telling her story, she speaks through design. Coming from a strong 15-year background in marketing and advertising, she moved to a more difficult and creative communication tool: fashion design. She’s motivated by creativity, and her unique designs never fail to push the envelope using unique lines and textures.

Her bride-focused designs were no exception, as they included everything from pantsuits to knee-length dresses, which came about because of her curious and explorative nature. “I am happy I have tried [a bridal collection]. I will keep trying new things, and I will share it with my audience, but one thing will remain constant: It will always be unique.”

Steel’s work also embraces slow fashion. She noted that she wants her daughter to be able to enjoy nature’s beauty in the future and to live in a healthy world, inspiring her to keep the brand as sustainable as possible.

Lika Steel Bridal Design

Keep an eye out for pieces that will be available for purchase soon, as well, and be sure to follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

**some quotes have been edited for grammatical practices

Photos:  Marcy Wise,  Instagram: @mmmarcy

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