Austin Jewelry Designer Leonardo D’Almagro Partners with Global Jewelry Manufacturer

Leonardo in the VGL VAIBHAV GLOBAL LIMITED headquarters in Jaipur, India.

As the Austin fashion industry grows, it’s more commonplace to hear good news about how some of our local fashion names are growing their brands.  So it’s with great excitement to share some good news about one of our own designers sharing their jewelry talents with the world.

Austin jewelry designer Leonardo D’Almagro, a Venezuela native,  has years promoting, creating and marketing his jewelry collection for local and international clients.  You may have seen him share fashion expertise on the Univision network or it may have been on Telemundo. He has a long list of celebrities who have worn his jewelry including three-time Daytime award-winning TV host and author Gabriela Natale.

A Leonardo D’Almagro sketch

While Leonardo has been pushing through the many doors of the somewhat frantic fashion business, he has landed some impressive firsts.  He was the first Hispanic designer from the United States to launch a new brand at the iconic international jewelry shows in Vicenzaoro & Vicenza Dubai.    He is also the first Latino partnering with global jewelry manufacturer, Vaibhav Global Limited VGL which have popular American shopping channels, Shop LC and in the United Kingdon, The Jewelry Channel and along with outlets in Asia.

His fashion-forward jewelry collection has filled a niche for the fashion gal who wants to make a statement wearing jewelry. “For me, it’s about a woman expressing her uniqueness”, added D’Almagro.  Metal selections include sterling silver and sterling silver braided with gold and he features stones in coral, pearls, amethyst, sapphires, rubies, peridot, topaz, quartz, and diamonds, to name a few.
When Leo is deep in thought creating his jewelry collection, he searches all types of scenarios to find the perfect inspiration.  “What I have noticed is that I love to think about a variety of lifestyles and what would elevate a woman’s look”, added D’Almagro.
Leonardo D’Almagro Collection
Since Leonardo’s heart is truly in the State of Texas and of course, Austin, local support is an important aspect to his success.  “Austin is a very amazing and inspiring place, full of creative people and it’s exciting to be part of this community, said D’Almagro.
I have known Leonardo for many years, and his instant charisma is infectious and he is always encouraging fellow designers, friends or clients.   “I really want to encourage everyone to be proud of who they are, take that leap of faith, and don’t give up.  Miracles happen every day, and who knows, maybe you can be that miracle today”.
Leonardo’s partnership with Vaibhav Global Limited has given him the opportunity to design multiple lines under the brand for the global business.  The designs are original and the idea is to provide versatile accessories for various lifestyle, from everyday activities to the red carpet.  And, we can’t wait to see the collection to be unveiled soon.
Studio Photos:  Brandon Lyons
Others:  Provided by Leonardo D’Almagro

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