Austin Fashion Week – LaZona Rosa Runway Shows Day Two

The second night of AFW’s runway/marketplace brought out an even bigger and better-dressed crowd than Wednesday’s, as fans of all ages gathered at La Zona Rosa for some runway fun.
Alexis Holland, an eighth grader, and Francis Knagns, a high school freshman, were lucky enough to be brought by Holland’s mom.
“This is our first time, and we’re really excited,” the middle schooler said. “We have no idea what to expect!”
Others were there mostly for the social aspect, as Lena Teffer didn’t hide her excitement for the bar and free alcohol samples…Well, and some clothes, too!
“I’m interested in seeing local designers and getting up-to-speed on current trends,” she said. “And I’m a mommy, so maybe we’ll see some cool mommy clothes!”
The six presented brands delivered, each giving the crowd something new and different, while still staying on-trend with this season’s hottest looks.
Megan 1Unfortunately, Ashley Zaba, who was originally supposed to start the show, was not present, due to a death in the family, and samples from Sen, the scheduled finale from Young and Fabulous, did not make it to the show, meaning a more youthful collection – Again – was shown instead.
Angela Villegas and Sarah Beard are in for the week’s festivities from Lubbock and even got to help their friend – designer Katherine Micheal – with her behind-the-scenes styling last night.
“We’re so excited to just get to watch tonight,” Beard said. “Last night was cool, but we only saw the last half of the show, so this will be fun to just be in a seat.”
When finally the lights dimmed and the music blared, KHG displayed unique water-colored florals on edgy pieces, like rompers, crop-tops and sheers. Sheaffa, out of NYC, was a crowd-pleaser; flowy and flowery outfits were given an even further pop of color with sheer neon backs. The models also carried bright bags and clutches, which tied the whole entertaining line together.
An Austin designer, Megan Summerville, definitely made a splash, as the first male models of the event were seen! Female models rocked lingerie that was strappy, feathery and high-waisted, while the men mostly just ducked their heads, as guests craned to see color-blocked boxer-briefs.
Anna Arocha Jessica Joplin thought Sheaffa’s pops of color were nice but were more interested in all the lingerie.
“I know it sounds weird, but I really thought the colors on the male models…uh, crotches…were cool,” Joplin laughed.
During a brief intermission, visitors of La Zona Rosa could check out the Gilt pop-up shop, enjoy some complimentary Luna Bars and even get photos taken with the hunky male models…who seemed much more eager to pose with pretty ladies than they did to walk the runway solo!
There were also a couple of designers set up inside for people to check out, including Lauren Luna Ltd., which features handmade shoes, and local artist/designer Jamie Slye, with her one-of-a-kind vintage headpieces.
“I’m originally from Columbus, Ohio, but I’m here for this event now, and it’s exciting,” Luna said. “I used to drill, so making a pair really doesn’t take that long, and I’ve had these – the ones I’m wearing – for four years!”!i=2512207701&k=gwzFN5H&lb=1&s=A
The second half of the night began with Reese + Riley by Young and Fabulous. This line seemed to be for the young working gal, full of sharp blazers over printed leggings.
More lingerie was seen, this time with a little more edge, as Austin’s Chantelle – by Teddies for Betty’s – pleased the audience by giving us fierce models in barely-there lace, pearls and straps.
The show concluded with Again, a sportier collection, featuring retro swimsuits, cut-out backs and mesh dresses, finishing the night off as successfully as it began.
“I’m always so stoked for all of this,” model Callisto Griffith said. “It’s an amazing venue, there are fabulous designers, and I just get to work my stuff in a great outfit, with lavish hair and make-up. It’s an absolute rush!”
Griffin was seen in several events this week and even walked in last year’s show, at the Driskill, but feels like La Zona Rosa packs in more people, drawing a bigger and better crowd to the runway.
“I’m glad we have a fashion week,” she said. “With this, a Formula One race track…Our presence is growing, and we really are attracting people, which is so great.”
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