Austin Fashion Week: Estilo Boutique Hosts Rare Trends and Taylor-Moseley Jewelry

Estilo, a trendy store in the Second Street District, also welcomed fashion-lovers with drinks, Taylor-Moseley jewelry designs and even hand massages, as manager Erin Mallory greeted guests and encouraged shopping.
One of the aspects that makes Estilo so great and worthy of  several AFW Golden Boot Awards  is its collection of local yet totally original designer looks, like those from Rare Trends, a company co-owned by sisters Paola Moore and Marina Silver.
The blonde duo has been working together for two years, and they were picked up by Estilo after the Full Tilt Fashion Show last November. Now, the store boasts favorite pieces from their past four collections, which mostly focus on leather.
“It was hard to pick what to bring, but we knew we couldn’t bring any of the new pieces, because those are a surprise,” Moore said with a wink. “The theme for the show, though, on May eighth, is “Come Out and Play,” and people won’t be disappointed!”Rare Trends
The line is, as the name suggests, quite playful but drifts into more sophisticated looks and will be presented at the brand’s Fashion Week show at La Zona Rosa on May 8th.
“Since we were very young, we’ve complimented each other in many ways and respected each other in many ways,” said Silver. “It’s not easy to be sisters, best friends and partners, but if you can do that, you can do anything!”
Fashion favorites like Ross Bennett, accompanied by wife Erin and Jessica Faith Marshall showed up for the Estilio event, too, anxious to check it all out.  Bennett showed at NOIR, while Marshall, the 13-year-old behind Faith by Jessica, will be showing her second line of looks on May 6th and 11th.
“Last year was my first time to show, and yes, I was nervous, since I knew it would set the tone for my entire career,” said Jessica, who started sewing at young eight, stated. “But now I know more people – good people – and I’m more excited this year!”

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