Austin Fashion Feature – Adrienne Yunger

Austin Fashion Week 2014 photo: Sparky Anderson

Adrienne Yunger entered Austin Fashion Week in 2009, showing at small, retail shows. When a client having a second wedding wanted a unique bridal gown, though, one that could go from ceremony to reception and on to real life, her focus changed; she did a bridal show at AFW 2012 and 2013 – but she knew her brand could be even more.
After a successful mash-up team and a Fashion Fund win, Adrienne has her craft down; she uses intricate lace details to make original bridal gowns – some of which she makes on the Bernina sewing machine she won! Furthermore, Adrienne has added honeymoon/resort-wear to her line, flowy print pieces that her brides can wear on the beach, after their big days. “I’m really influenced by movies,” Adrienne said. “There’s this one where Joan Crawford has these big ruffle sleeves – that and costume books really inspire my intricate detailing.”
Adrienne will be taking this inspiration even further next year, when her honeymoon line will reach boutiques and her gowns will be available at The Swoon Event, a bridal experience for Adrienne’s target audience of modern brides. When she’s not crafting gorgeous dresses, Adrienne teaches tailoring classes, going over the same couture techniques she uses on the Adrienne Yunger Apparel designs that we all know and love.
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