Austin Designers Tame The Animal Print Challenge On Project Runway

Brittany Allen design – Photo Barbara Nitke/Bravo

After week one of a Texas-size double win team challenge by Austin designers Brittany Allen and Sergio Guadarrama,  with Allen being named the individual design winner,  it’s safe to say Austin fans (and Austin fans at heart)  were on a fashion high.  We are now faced with wondering if it was Texas luck or whether the Austin designers can keep their winning streak alive.

For episode two the designers were challenged to put their chic street style spin on the huge fall animal print trend.  The challenge also was tied into the promotion of the new movie Cats.  “Animal prints are a timeless part of fashion.  This season it has gone to a new level”,  added host Karlie Kloss.

After the designers finished sketching, the group headed to Mood for their fabric buys.   For Sergio’s look, he purchased and probably wiped out the entire store purchasing more than 70 yards of animal print fabric for his little number.

Brittany’s design was a three-piece look, skirt, top, with an oversized utilitarian jacket accented with hand-painted leopard prints on one sleeve.  She used her immunity status from week one to push her creativity since she would not be going home.

Sergio’s street-style gown, complete with a train, was inspired by his diva personality-driven cat Mumsy.  “If a cat was an actual

Sergio Guadarrama design – Photo Barbara Nitke/Bravo

person they’d probably be wearing a train on the street because they’re really extra”, added Guadarrama.

His street style chic look raised a few eyebrows among the designers along with mentor Siriano who tried to understand how a 70+ yard gown with a sweeping train would be considered a street style look.

“I don’t do young people’s clothes, young people can’t afford expensive things so why design for them”, said Guadaramma which was then

completely discounted by Siriano.   The recommendation was to take that 45-60-year-old look and make it a little more current for his client

During the runway show, Brittany’s look was casual, chic and the jacket was impeccably tailored.  Her risk showing a cohesive, trendy but look that was full of special Allen details for an animal print loving gal paid off.  “I wanted street and leisure combined into one”, added Allen.

Sergio’s looked created a lot of chatter amongst the judges AND from fellow designers as each was wondering what type of street would she be walking on?  “She’s going grocery shopping”, remarked Guadaramma.  And host Karlie Kloss added, “she kinda rocks it though”.

In the end, both Austin designers were selected to move on to week three.  Designer Veronica Sheaffer was eliminated and designer Marquise Foster was named the winner.






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