Austin Designer Sergio Guadarrama Snaps Up Second Win on Project Runway

Sergio Guadarrama Design – Photo Barbara Nitke/Bravo

What’s better than a win by Austin designer Brittany Allen for the Ashely Longshore print challenge in week seven?  How about a win the very next week by our second Austin competing designer Sergio Guadarrama for the sheer fabric challenge in week eight!!   Can I hear a big Texas yeehaw!!!

The cast of  16 starting designers is now down to eight and for this week’s challenge designers were asked to create an editorial look using sheer fabrics.  Unfortunately, this would be a one-day challenge.  (Enter the groans)

Judge Brandon Maxwell explained to the designers this is not the time for your model to be naked.  “There’s a way to make it look sexy without looking obvious”, said Maxwell.

The other element in this challenge was each designer had to work with their model and incorporate their fashion taste and personality to create something they liked and would feel comfortable wearing since the garment would be sheer.

Brittany Allen Design – Photo: Barbara Nitke/Bravo

Sergio decided to create a gown inspired by his model Nora German’s heritage combined with her husband’s Chinese nationality.
“I wanted to convey that she was in this amazing sanctuary in China with cherry blossoms at night with her husband and it’s raining”, added Guadarrama.

In other designer news, we have been watching the storyline about the health issues of designer Dayoung.   In episode two she exhibited her first health problems but the production grind did her in and she left the show.  Previously sent home designer Marquise was brought back to fill her spot.  Game on again with a cast of eight.

Austin designer Brittany Allen took her vision and created a different silhouette garment made in very pretty-in-pink organza that would fit into a young fashionista’s closet.

“I want it to be like a straight sleeve and then putting a couple of pleats where it pins it in the middle.  A lot of volume”, added Allen.  For her final runway design, the pinned sleeves were changed into a full-volume billowing sleeve which was an excellent design change.

Sergio’s long gown required him to take some additional internal construction to create the illusion of covered but sheer.  “When you combine a silk chiffon overlay with a mesh dotted overlay you really don’t need to put a lining in cause the fabrication is going to trick the eye thinking that you’re naked”, added Guadarrama.

Host Karlie Kloss asked, “is it lined or is it fully sheer”?

Sergio Guadarrama during the judges critique – Photo – Barbara Nitke/Bravo

The judges marked Brittany’s look a top two garment alongside Delvin and both are safe to go on to next week.  “I’m must proud of what I’ve done with sheer fabric,  added Allen.

Sergio’s gown opened the runway show and was a wow moment of exquisitely executed sheer technique, elegance with modern lines.  During the critique, the judges had to get up from the chairs to get a closer look to see for themselves the detailing.   “It’s gorgeous”, said judge Elaine Welteroth.

Additional positive comments came pouring in.  “Head to toe she looks perfect, added Maxwell.  He touted the amazing styling from hair and makeup and added this was the best model Nora has looked on the runway.    Judge Nina Garcia was also a fan of Sergio’s look.  “It is so strategically placed that you can not even see that she is absolutely naked underneath this dress’,  added Garcia.

And just like that, Sergio was named the winner and our Austin designers got a back-to-back WIN!!  Sergio also nabbed the last immunity position for the season.

“It’s spectacular winning this challenge!  Finally, after several weeks I’m back on top.  I think it sends a message to the other designers that I know what I’m doing”, added Guadarrama.    There’s no doubting that Sergio!!

We can’t wait for another week of designs from our dynamic duo.  Making Austin proud y’all!!








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