Austin Designer Dina Chavez Launches Sustainable Clothing Collection

Austin Designer Dina Chavez and her new collection

Austin Fashion Designer Dina Chavez has successfully grown her fashion brand SixChel but like many businesses sometimes change is in order to grow bigger or in her case for a better cause.  Raven + Lily / Domain location held an instore event for Dina to showcase her new collection and I got an up-close look at a few pieces.
It took a life-changing experience to make Dina decide to focus her collection and business on a new path.  She shut down her existing fashion business and started a new collection focused on clothing with a purpose.
“We are now using fabric that is sustainable and vegan leather and the reason why I decided to go that route because during the years my sister was fighting cancer and after her death,  I became more educated about our industry and the toxins that are released into our environment”, said Chavez.
Dina Chavez Design

Dina’s previous collections featured edgier looks in darker colors and lace.  “This new collection is a little more commercial with cute little design details”, added Chavez.
The outfits in the collection are made of bamboo and organic cotton jersey and Hemp and organic cotton denim and a few pieces are made of Tencel.  All the pieces are super lightweight and comfortable, perfect for Austin weather.  “You can use sustainable fabrics and not have them look like hippie clothes”, said Chavez.
Best wishes to Dina who has a passion for creating looks that combine fashion and function.  The collection is produced in the USA and will be available for purchase in September 2017.  Check out the pieces on Dina’s website.
“It’s really been a long journey but I feel comfortable where we’re going”, said Chavez.
Dina Chavez design


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