Austin-Based Roux Saint James Perfumery Expands To New Location

Roux Saint James Product

An Austin business is making the saying, sweet smell of success a reality.  Master perfumer and Roux Saint James Founder Krista Lacey will be operating in East Austin’s newest creative hub, Springdale General.   The grand opening celebration event is set for Friday, Sept. 14 from 6 – 9 p.m. and is open to the public. To RSVP, please see here.

“I have been blessed to find a space in an area I have pined after for years. The new Springdale General location allows me to be closer to many of my artist friends and be part of an ever-growing creative community”, said Lacey.

The Roux Saint James brand produces small-batch, all natural, intention-based botanical compounds and perfumes since 2011.  The company will not only showcase its perfume and product line at their new location but will also offer workshops, custom perfume formulations and access to a large collection of essential oils.

Roux Saint James Founder Krista Lacey

Also coming soon will be the release of a new line of botanical incense and will be adding some architecturally inspired incense burners and vessels to complement the products.  Each of Roux Saint James’ mindfully crafted perfumes is delicately blended in small batches and made from natural ingredients in an effort to be a healthier and more therapeutic alternative to conventional perfumes.

From a young age, Lacey was fascinated and compelled by scent. As she started down the path of making perfume herself, she realized she wanted to use perfumes as a narrative to engage people in the ancient ritual of anointing and honoring themselves as to become part of the narrative or create one of their own.   She mastered her craft and is on a list of only 1,000- 1,200 perfumers like her worldwide.

According to Lacey, in the modern world of perfumery, there seems to be a disconnect between perfume and medicinal aromatherapy. She is filling that gap by creating natural perfume and other scented products from scratch in her small, but mighty, studio in south Austin.

The Roux Saint James perfume collection has eight botanical perfumes available in both an oil-based perfume and an alcohol-based perfume. Each scent is unique and comes with a small meaning card that outlines the keynotes in each perfume, as well as an intention card revealing the meaning of each scent which can be used as a mantra when applying the perfumes.

Visit the new studio located Springdale General, 1023 Springdale Road, Building 9, Suite F, Austin, Texas 78721

Photos:  Provided by Roux St. James

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