Austin-based Jonathan Paul Eyewear Fitover Sunglasses ~ Style Meets Function at SXSW

Sunglasses or “sunnies” as they are commonly referred to, are a popular accessory that are not only a fashion statement but also are a way to protect our eyes.   They come in many colors, styles and options and you may find yourself buying several pairs and have a sunglass wardrobe.   Honestly, any pair of sunnies can turn a boring outfit into that perfect eye-catching ensemble and let’s face it, sunglasses are a wonderful accessory.  And with the eyewear industry clocking in around 28 billion dollars, this is more than just a fly by night accessory business.
There is, however, a small dilemma for those of us who have to wear prescription glasses to actually see and can’t buy glasses off the rack without a prescription.   My last trip to the eye doctor cost me about $600 for two pairs of glasses, one for sunglasses and one regular pair and that was buy one get one free!  Ugh.
An Austin company, Jonathan Paul Eyewear owned by Paul Stables, created a solution to an age old problem of having to buy sunglasses for those of us who also need a prescription.  The Fitovers concept,  to wear your glasses  over a pair of sunglasses was born in Paul’s homeland of Austrailia.  Originally, it was an idea to help guard against the blazing Austrailian sun but soon became a popular solution that was  fashionable and functional.  The fit over sunglass with its innovative wrap-around styling quickly caught on and what’s not to like?  Folks were now able to wear their regular eyewear without the cost of having to buy another pair of glasses which are typically even more expensive than regular glasses.  Genius!
Cheryl JPI have to admit, being the fashion-minded person you know I am, I was a skeptic.  But I have done a serious road test on the glasses and found them to be confortable, lightweight and I love the red frames.  It was nice to be able to slide the glasses on top of my head and still be able to see with my regular glasses, then slide the sunglasses back down when I needed to.    The lenses are polarized with glare-blocking protection and wrap around for full eye protection.  They came in a great case complete with handy lens cloth and  I hardly even miss my very nice designer $300+ sunglasses with the progressive lenses that I spent way too much for.  Opening price for the fit over sunglasses by Jonathan Paul is $79.95.
To try on a pair of JP Eyewear / Fitover sunglasses in the comfort of your computer, click here!
During SXSW you can get a pair for FREE!  Follow the Fashionably Austin Twitter feed to find out where the Jonathon Paul Street Team will be to get yours starting Friday, March 7.


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