Annual Trash Makeover Challenge Features Creative Art on the Runway

Every year the annual Fall Trash Makeover Challenge delights and literally wows attendees who can witness a high-level form of creativity from some of Austin’s very talented pool of designers.  From maxi-pad wrappers to placemats, this is the true unconventional material fashion challenge show of the year.
The 7th annual fashion show was presented by the Texas Campaign for the Environment.  The 2017 theme,  Living Masterpieces, gave the 20 participating designers a challenge to create a show-themed garment.  Each designer must use at least 90% of repurposed materials of their choice.  In most cases, during the show, you frequently ask yourself how exactly did they create that look and it’s made of what?
The crowd filled the Rio rooftop, and as the sun went down, the lights went up with each look coming down poolside to the end in front of the judges.  Judges for the show included:
Eve Nicols:  University of Texas Distinguished Senior Lecturer and UT Fashion Show Coordinator
Gail Chovan:  Designer/Owner Gail Chovan Atelier, Blackmail Boutique
Christian Ramirez:  Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist and Owner CR Styles
William Jackson:  Chief Business Officer Influential Magazine
Stephanie Sandoval:  Education & Development Associate / Mexic-Arte Museum
Alberta Phillips: Editorial Writer Austin America Statesman
Participating designers :  Kalyn Kane, Misty Moore, Amanda King, Laisa Chavez, Roxie Guajardo, Veronica Leon Vivanco, Delphia Vo, Melissa Prentice, Carleen Holmes, Allison Lowery, Megan Pinto, Emmy Starr, Veronica Leon Vivanco, Greg Lara,  Paulina Padilla, Greg Lara, Tom Pope, Maria Montoya, Misty Moore, Amanda King.

Winners for the night are as follows.
Winner!  TEAM DOT “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte” – Georges Seurat fashion magazines, hole punch holes, copper kitchen scrubbers, plastic wire insulation tubing, toilet paper tubes.  Designed by:  Allison Lowery, Jennifer Lynn Larsen
2nd Place:  Veronica Leon Vivanco “Self Portrait dedicated to Dr.Eloesser” – Frida Kahlo Plastic placemats, corn husk, needle thread, brooch, hula hoop, blue tarp.  Designed by:  Veronica Leon Vivanco,  Yolanda Garcia Gylda, Fuentes Cecilia Leon.
3rd Place: DREAM LIFE “Life Savers 353” – Andy Warhol Canvas, Plastic, Mirror Shards, Crate Packing Material, Floral Arrangements, Baby Crib Velcro, Weed Block, Designers:  Megan Pinto,  Anastasia Miller,  Dani Bleir.
PEOPLE’S CHOICE WINNER   “Dragonflies Night” – Jimmy Lawlor different types of plastic, paperclips, soda can tabs, feathers.  Designed by:  Greg Lara, Alondra Manning,  Ericka Rodriguez,  Laurie Cornay, Karen Cudzilo.

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