A Glimmer of Fashion Found On the Streets of Austin for SXSW 2018 – Street Style!

When SXSW rolls in town, much of the talk is about how Austin traffic will be more than a challenge,  how business is put on hiatus “after” SX and for me it’s camera snapping time to grap some SXSW Street Style shots and share what everyone is wearing with you.

I have to admit that the many times I have covered SXSW street style in the past, the interactive portion of the event has left me less than enthused.  After all, how many graphic tees, tennis shoes and jeans can you photograph!  I sometimes I of asked myself if people slept in what they wore the day before, which in many cases is probably true.

With that being said, with the addition of many fashion panels for SXSW Interactive and several off-site fashion events during the week, there were some pretty fashion-minded people who put together some rather stylish looks to show off and strut down the streets of Austin, and I have to say thank you!  Yes, there is real fashion in Austin during SXSW!!

Link to the SXSW Street Style Gallery. Photos:  Cheryl Bemis

I can’t deny, it did take some patience and several locations and had to wait and watch to capture those fashionable outfits to pass me by, but in between the sea of casual looks, boots, sandals, leather and jean jackets, there were a few looks that were fab and not drab which made the top looks for my recap.

Hope you all had a great SXSW!

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