Fashionable Eyewear at Affordable Prices

If you’re like me, one accessory you may put on everyday is a pair of glasses.  I have worn glasses since I was in college.  And, oh!  What a huge pair of beautiful eyewear they were.  The 80’s was a decade of big and bold and my eyewear certainly followed that trend.

Lots of frames to choose from

From a 50’s cat eye, Wayfair or Aviators, there are several styles to instantly update your look.  You just need to try them on.  That’s what I did recently at the new Eyemart Express.
The retailer held a special Austin VIP and blogger event to celebrate the newest Austin location.  With a store full of fashion-minded, lifestyle and mommy bloggers, styling advice chatter filled the new store.  Stylist Shelley Riley was also on hand to help with frame advice for each attendees face shape, coloring and lifestyle need.
Sunprint grab
Eyemart’s Sunprint Guide

Eyemart has a new Sunprint Guide to help you make the best choice for their sunglasses.  First, you find your face shape, then your coloring.  Also, you decide whether or not you’re a sun goddess who needs a heavy tint or a medium tint.
Lifestyle blogger Jesse Coulter  headed over to the new Sunwear Center and immediately gravitated to a fashion-forward aviator frame.  Austin fashion blogger Michelle Zuzek of Style Beacon had a hard time finalizing her choice.  In the end, she selected a classic black frame and added a mirror lens .  Her frame was converted from reading glass frames into fashionable sunglasses.
I decided it was time to get a new look for myself.  With more than 2,000 frames in the store, I knew my new frames were close.
Michelle Zuzek wearing her new sunnies with mirror tint coating

My prescription and my glasses were more than two years old.  It was time for an update for both.   I was sure my prescription had changed…something that getting older is more the norm than the exception and headed next door to the store for my eye exam.
After I met with Thao Lien O.D., and with a new prescription in hand, I headed next door to select some new frames and new sunglasses.
Eyemart’s Dominique helped me weed down my many choices to three.  I finally selected an updated pair with a fashion-forward look: darker frames with a slight cat eye look.  My traditional Anne Klein sunglasses were done while I waited and I was out the door with exam and frames in about two hours.
My friend Rachel Elsberry chose a new pair of sunshades from Gisselle.  Their smokey blue frames with animal print detail on the sides were a departure from her typical look.  However, when she put them on, the color looked so great with her blonde hair, it was an easy choice.
Rachel Elsberry searching out for the perfect pair of glasses

FullSizeRender (14)
My new frames!!

Eyemart Express may not look like a fancy eyewear boutique from the parking lot, but inside there are some very affordable options and fast service to make updating your summer look easy. And, at these prices, you won’t have to wait years to buy another pair.  You can start adding to your eyewear wardrobe today.

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