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In celebration of fashion, Halloween and life, zombies made their grand entrance at this year’s Zombie Ball, held at the ACL Live Moody Theatre in Austin, TX on Saturday, October 29th.   Guests were greeted with flashing cameras and verbal daggers dropped by the Rhymnese Twins on the Red Carpet Review.  Hosted by award winning wardrobe stylist and founder of Kitsch Trading Co, Sandra Antoun, the Zombie Ball was the couture event to be caught dead at.

Donned in a luxurious white fur coat with black spiky strands, Stephen MacMillan Moser made his debut dressed as a fashionable zombie in purple lips and a sleek black and white wig with an ink black marked line, proving that fashion knows no bounds.  Moser, a style guru at The Austin Chronicle, known for his over-the-top ensembles, presented this year’s Stephen Macmillan Moser Glam-A-Zombie award for 2011.  With a myriad of positively striking and haunting looks, Moser selected the winners whom he felt best captured the spirit, true essence and good humor of the Moser philosophy.  His favorite words of wisdom are “Live fast, die young and leave a beautiful corpse.”  Summing up Moser’s approach to life is that, unless you’re already too old to die young, then you just have to keep living faster, acting young, looking older but being far from dead.

After striking a pose for the camera-ready photographers, the parade of deadly fashionable attendees made their entrance to the theatre as a slew of bands played the night away.  The Bright Light Social Hour, which recently swept the 29th Annual Austin Music Awards during SXSW 2011 with an unprecedented 6 wins, including Band of the Year, Album of the Year and Song of the Year, made its presence known at the Ball.  Other bands included Black Taxi, Erotic Rain, Killa Dilla, Kitty Kitty Bang Bang, Sky Candy Aerial Arts, Misty Villain, Brass Ovaries, Rion King, Chops, Rory Boureealis and The People vs De La Rosa.

About the Promoters

Sustainable Waves-
Sustainable Waves specializes in sustainable solutions for the entertainment industry. They design and fabricate solar powered stages, sound systems and light shows for concerts and events.

The Forbidden Fruit-
Forbidden Fruit is dedicated to your body’s needs. The mission is to help create erotic self-awareness and improve intimate communication in relationships.

Kitsch Trading Co. –
Kitsch Trading Co offers an umbrella of services in the Fashion Vertical. Wardrobe Stylist & Fashion Show Producer Sandra Antoun was recently voted as “Best Runway Wardrobe Stylist” at the 2011 Austin Fashion Awards. ” The way we dress is a conversation and it’s relevant that we take pride in our appearance as that ultimately reveals how we feel about ourselves.”

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