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Skulls, snakes, bats, knives and guns–along with soft, classic stones–made up the strikingly rich jewelry display at Malverde on Thursday evening. Hosted by Joanna Latham in downtown Austin, fashion mavens got a chance to try on interesting and exquisite jewelry. Turkish-born Alp Sagnak, a designer based in New York, warmly welcomed guests and shared about his creative work.

Sagnak fuses classic Ottoman Empire jewelry with edgier designs. Each unique piece is crafted by hand; no two pieces are the same. Inspired by the duality of the human psyche, some of his pieces embody a magical, gothic air while others emanate refinement and beauty. One cannot help but want to wear any one of Sagnak’s pieces, whether it’d be a mermaid or a delicate stone, for they will not go unnoticed. Sagnak’s boutique is located on Spring Street in SoHo, New York.

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