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Never underestimate Austin’s creativity! The Keep Austin Beautiful Recycled Fashion Show put the design process to the test.

Austin fashion designers were asked to create a look out of 100% recycled materials and then send it down the runway. It reminded me of the recent Project Runway challenge where they took party items and had to create a look. And honestly, the Austin looks were just as good, or better than what the tv cast created.

The Recycled Fashion Show was sponsored by Keep Austin Beautiful and the Austin Museum of Art. Keep Austin Beautiful provided each designer with their recycled materials to transform their vision into a beautiful and unique reality.

Here are the incredible final looks for the show.

This is a shot of one of the crowd favorites, especially for the younger members of the audience.

Here’s a shot of the designers who participated which included Laisa Macias, Kari Perkins, Shauna Smith, Malissa Long, Anslee Connell, Chia Guillory, Tina Sparkles, Gail Chovan, Antoinette Perez, Amanda Fay, Lilia Beaman, Anne Marie Beard, RenĂ© Geneva, Greater Austin Garage Arts, Marissa Cantu, Cathie Hutchins, and the Teenage Eco Warriors.

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