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Austin-based Worldwide Maniac Foundation will launch with a celebrity event Saturday, June 19, 2010 from 7pm-11pm at the Austin Music Hall. The event will feature performances by Josh Charles and Blue Lapis Light, a fashion show with designers Richie Rich, Maggie Norris, and Carson Case, and celebrity athletes Bennie Blades and Chris Parrish. Fashionably Austin will provide a live web cast during the event.

Worldwide Maniac was launched in early 2009 as a foundation created to fund environmental and humanitarian causes. Founder and CEO, Michael Torres, was inspired to start a movement that would “create positivity and unity among the world as one”. Torres was involved in the corporate world for over 20 years and experienced a spiritual change in his own life that led him to leave his career and begin a new philanthropic venture.

Torres started Worldwide Maniac with personal funds and is funded by a percent of profits from the Worldwide Maniac portfolio companies and donations from individuals and corporations. Worldwide Maniac uses the money raised for the foundation “to build sustainable ‘off the grid’ homes with sustainable food gardens for those who have lost their homes due to catastrophic events or extreme financial hardship”.

All contributions to Worldwide Maniac are used to execute the foundation’s “vision of balanced humanity living in harmony with the environment”. Worldwide Maniac provides funding for disaster and hunger relief, health care services, shelter for the poor, micro-lending for sustainable giving, sustainable food production, green and eco-friendly housing, and research and education initiatives such as,  alternative energy sources, sustainable food production, and environmentally sound housing.

The flow of the event will go as follows-First, musical performance by Josh Charles and Love at War. Then, there will be a film debut with Ed Begley Jr. in the film (from the show Living with Ed – one of the most Green Actors in Hollywood). After that, we will have Michael Torres speak to the audience about the work of the foundation and how they provide sustainable “off the grid” housing and food gardens for $15,000-$20,000 a family w/ a focus on Haiti and the Gulf States. He will also talk about a solution to our problems in order to unite people to take action (he has a background in providing eloquent solutions to very complex problems; after 9-11 Torres designed many of our nations counter terrorism systems but had no experience in it prior to).   At the event he will also be providing a solution and wish for the world to see this. Then the fashion show with Maggie Norris, Carson Case, and Richie Rich will be taking place. And, finally the close out with Josh Charles will end the event.

“We all have a role in this”, and by creating an organization that is backed up philanthropically, Torres believes that “conscious capitalism” will be the key to success.  Worldwide Maniac focuses on using the yin yang of fashion and entertainment to provide funding for environmental and humanitarian causes. Torres believes that by mixing creativity and sustainable living, our future will only grow in a more positive and promising direction. “As soon as we ‘pay it forward’, we begin to hit the tip of the pyramid”. By this, Torres means that by giving what we can, energy and love will overcome any obstacles that we may face.

Purchase Tickets to Worldwide Maniac Foundation Launch Party

Austinites can experience the Worldwide Maniac Event by attending the event on June 19 at the Austin Music Hall. Join us for an evening of eco-chic entertainment and experience a nightlike Austin has never seen!

Art: Local artist Leanne Venier* will be showing a collection from her exhibit, “Healing Abstracts” throughout the Hall.

Music:Austin’s ownLove at Warand Grammy SubmittedJosh Charleswill open the night with little rock and a little soul and special performances byBlue Lapis Light.

Fashion: High Fashion Designers Maggie Norris, Carson Case and Richie Rich will bring Bryant Park to the Austin Music Hall.

Athletes: College Football Hall of Member member Bennie Blades; Former Dallas Cowboy James McKnight, and professional skier Chris Parrish.

Austin Music Hall Tickets :

General Admission: $49, Reserved Seating: $69.Tickets include light hors d’oeuvres 7 PM – 8 PM and sampling from Featured Sponsors throughout the event.  Cash Bar.

VIP Admission: $100-$125;includes special reserved floor seating and special gift bags.  Complimentary hors d’oeuvres from Bess Bistro and Walton’s Fancy and Staple as well as specialty cocktails will be provided throughout the event in VIP lounge area.  VIP ticket holders will also have photo opportunities with Featured Guests & Celebrities.

LIVE Web Cast: See the Worldwide Maniac Foundation Launch Party live on our web site!

If you’re not in Austin, you can still experience this incredible night of music, fashion shows, and celebrity interviews LIVE!

Fashionably Austin and netSpray will be webcasting LIVE from the Worldwide Maniac event. Fashion Reporter, Cheryl Bemis, will take you behind the scenes of the fashion show backstage activity as fashion designers Carson Case, Maggie Norris, and Richie Rich prepare for runway shows sure to provide thrilling creativity and dramatic display that will rival the catwalks of NYC.

Don’t miss our LIVE  interviews with these celebrity designers, athletes, & performers during our exclusive web cast.

Register now for access to the Live Web Cast information, behind the scenes info and celebrity interviews.

Worldwide Maniac Fashion Show Designers:

Carson Case –

Carson Case is a true artist with a background in painting, dance, styling and more as well as a considerable talent in the world of fashion design.

Born in San Francisco, California, Carson has lived around the world in the fashionable cities of Paris, Los Angeles,  Rome, Copenhagen, Vienna, and Miami. Her world-view has inspired her to expand her love of the arts to create women’s fashion line that celebrates her ethereal vision. Carson understands that the woman is the art, and that the dress serves to adorn and illuminate the inherent beauty in every woman.

Carson’s  impeccable, flowing gowns and dramatic day dresses are a visionary delight and her collection will bring beauty and enchantment to the Worldwide Maniac event.

Richie Rich –

Richie Rich has been defined by many as New York’s modern day Warhol. Richie describes the A*Muse collection inspired by long-time friend, Pamela Anderson as “fun, sexy, surfer girl from Malibu meets Andy Warhol.”

Known as a “club kid” in the 80’s, Richie Rich’s new line with Pamela Anderson follows the same wild, colorful craze  expected from a Richie Rich collection.His recent runway show at New York Fashion Week was quite the party, and you don’t want to miss a chance to experience a Richie Rich show live at the Austin Music Hall.

Maggie Norris Couture -

Fashion Designer Maggie Norris incorporates the spirits of various artistic modalities while mixing rare and luxurious fabrics such as duchess satin and flowing chiffon with 17th and 18th century antique textiles.

Norris’ eclectic combinations – such as a safari jacket paired with an evening gown create an intriguing collection that will sculpt and flatter women’s silhouettes.  Her runway show at the Worldwide Maniac event will feature elegance and luxury that will inspire many with her lavish collections.

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