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netSpray.comVisualize this…the Frank Erwin Center about ten years ago and it’s the night of the annual UT Fashion Show. Back then, the annual event would bring in, mmm, maybe a few hundred folks, mostly friends and families of the students and the friends of the models, and of course, University staff.

Now it’s another story. “Attendance last year was over 5,000 and has been increasing each year, many attendees plan their trip to Austin around the date of the Fashion Show. Every year is unique, exciting, and special, as is every student!” said Fashion Show Director Eve Nicols.

This year’s class of design students is comprised of 32 talented young women and men who are taking their visions and creating a one-of-a-kind pieces for all of us to see on April 29. The name of the show is High Voltage and I think it is a fitting name especially since Austin is starting to really get on the minds of major fashion movers and shakers. With Project Runway AND Bravo’s The Fashion Show reality television shows scouting out local talent, it is just the start of great things to come. You never know, we could have our next fashion star showing on Thursday.

The Fashion Show and exposition is fully underwritten by the University Co-operative Society under the guidance of President and CEO Mr. George Mitchell. This enables the School to stage a professional quality event. When asked why the co-op decided to sponsor the fashion show, Mr. Mitchell said, “Seven years ago, I discovered how hard the students fundraised to produce quality designs. The extra work took time from academics and the main priority, designing clothes…that intrigued me.”

Prizes will be awarded for Best Fashion Collection, Most Innovative Fashion Collection, Most Marketable Fashion Collection, Best Constructed Fashion Collection and Best Evening/Bridal Gown. The winners will be determined by a panel of judges composed of active professionals in the fashion industry.
There will also be a pre-show exposition will include work from all aspects of the Textiles and Apparel Program including computer-aided design, retail merchandising, visual merchandising and a special exhibit from the Historical Textiles Collection.

“The students selected the ‘High Voltage’ theme. They’re knowledgeable in modern fashion and technology; they create high voltage, energetic designs, so it’s really reflective of the group,” said Karen Bravo, Fashion Show Associate Director. Cosmetics will be provided by Sephora & Hair Styling by Cobalt Blue Hair Salon.

I am very pleased to also announce that Fashionably Austin along with netSpray, will webcast the fashion show for the first time, LIVE! We are excited to bring this special coverage to spread the word even more about these talented designers. Register on the home page to get details about the live webcast.
Meet your designers below! (not pictured: Fi Nguyen, Sara Schooner)

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